January 23, 2021

IBSA requests to host the 2021 Queen and Princess Cup

Two years after the 2019 Queen’s Cup, held in the capital of Gran Canaria and which crowned the Minis de Arluy Volleyball Logroño, the IBSA and the Insular Sports Center are once again pushing to become the national epicenter of women’s volleyball. With the endorsement of being considered a ‘safe destination’, in relation to the low rates of positives of Covid-19, the sports authorities of Gran Canaria activate the machinery to host the final phase of the ‘KO’ tournament.

The Insular Sports Center of Gran Canaria is the destination chosen to be one of the four bubbles in which part of the eighth and quarterfinals of the CEV Volleyball Challenge Cup will be held on December 16 and 17. A point in favor of the island court to be the venue for the Cora de la Reina in 2021 -which is held from February 26 to 28-. The decisive and unanimous support from the Sports Council of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, the Sports Department of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria City Council, the General Sports Directorate, the Insular Sports Institute and the Municipal Institute, have been keys when it comes to requesting the venue for two major sporting events such as the appointment of the ‘KO’ and the 2021 Princess Cup to the highest instance of the Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation (RFEVB).

In the case of the Copa de La Reina, it would be the fourth time in the history of the IBSA CV CCO 7 Palmas that it would have the privilege of being host; while in the case of the Princess Cup, it would be the first time that the Gran Canaria entity had the opportunity to host this type of tournament.

In addition to the health situation, Gran Canaria presents in its candidature a free accommodation offer for all clubs, in first-rate hotel establishments, which together with its excellent climate and the sports facilities that they put at the service of all of them, make the double candidacy of the club one of the main favorites to host both tournaments.

The Copa de la Reina is set for the end of February and features the six best teams in the Iberdrola League -the highest category-. For its part, the Princess Cup takes place from January 8 to 10. This tournament has the best teams in the second category – which starts from the semifinals.

Missing giants

In the list of winners of the Copa de la Reina -a date that has 44 editions-, the late Tenerife Marichal holds eleven crowns and occupies the position of maximum privilege. For its part, VB Logroño, with six twisted ropes, is second in the ranking of honor. The Rioja team chained three successes in a row -since 2018- and on June 9 announced its disappearance due to economic problems. Libby’s Laguna, Menorca and IBSA command the Iberdrola League after ten days.


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