April 14, 2021

IBSA 7 Palmas wins 3-1 at DSV Sant Cugat – La Provincia

IBSA 7 Palmas wins 3-1 at DSV Sant Cugat - La Provincia

The resignation of Sergio Miguel Camarero did not deplete a IBSA CV CCO 7 Palmas Gran Canaria, that solved with triumph (3-1) the visit of the DSV Sant Cugat to the Carlos García San Román Municipal Pavilion. Dany López, technical director of the gancanaria, was in charge of directing the yellow, while the market is tracked in search of a new coach for the remainder of the season.

Things did not start well for the IBSA. The Catalans, led by Aina Berbel, took command of the score, which forced Dany Lopez to request a quick time-out (4-8). There was no reaction from the yellows, and unforced errors began to be a drag (6-11). Saray Manzano kept the Gran Canaria with options (12-15), but the failures in the service conditions in excess. In the final section, the solidity in the blocking of the players of Rafael Ruiz, with outstanding ones Aina Berbel and Paula García, decided the balance in favor of the visitors (19-25).

Everything changed after the first break. The 7 Palmas Gran Canaria put the direct in search of the comeback. An initial partial seven points, with a superb Lisbet Arredondo, put on the table the desire for victory of the yellow. The timeouts requested by Rafael Ruiz did not condition some yellow players, who continued to impose their best game on the floor. In addition, the power in the blockade allowed the locals to maintain the distances (18-9). With the set seen for sentencing, Renata Benedito led her team (25-13).

A similar script was experienced during the course of the third game. Partial start of seven points, with great strength in blocking and effectiveness from the service. Next, the IBSA continued on the same path, on the way to turn the match in its favor (14-4). Mireia Orozco gave a break to the Catalans (15-8), but the yellow ones would not give options to their rival. Saray Manzano, Sara Folgueira and Lisbet Arredondo they would continue with their recital to leave the party on track towards the triumph (25-12).

The reaction of the Sant Cugat was expected, and it arrived in a fourth more level period, in the initial compasses (8-7). Next, the Gran Canaria players began, little by little, to open a gap in the electronic (13-8). In addition, the unforced errors of the Catalans allowed the IBSA to chain five consecutive points (19-11). The sentence of the clash came with a spectacular Saray Manzano, from the service. Lisbet Arredondo was in charge of closing the match (25-14)

Data sheet:

Jacqueline Rodrigues de Souza, Lisbet Arredondo, Renata Benedito, Sara Folgueira, Saray Manzano, Lydia Alonso-initial team–, Nira Pérez (libero), Claudia Hernández and Reigh Felinski.

Mireia Orozco, Paula Garcia, Sara Julian, Maria Garcia, Aina Berbel, Laura Mayor-initial team-, Andrea Bové (libero), Natalia Matamoros, Sol Rosell and Julia Bonet.

Rafael González and Carlos Portugal.

19-25, 25-13, 25-12 and 25-14.


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