August 11, 2020

Ibizan luxury and high mountain comfort

The natural and cultural attraction of Andorra is undeniable. Few places in the world are lucky to offer a variety of leisure and experiences such as the Principality in the high mountains. The wide range of activities goes from the well-known weekends of shopping in the capital, and skiing in its more than 300 kilometers of snow slopes, to underwater dives in lakes located 2,000 meters high. Now, thanks to its rapid fiscal transformation and financial transparency, it is a country that has just been born for foreign investment by the real estate sector.

OD Group, the Ibizan holding company specialized in tourism, will take its most exclusive brand outside Spain with The White Angel Andorra. With an investment that will exceed 100 million euros, the group led by Marc Rahola Matutes lands in the Principality with a promotion of 160 homes in the capital of the Pyrenean enclave. OD Real Estate, the real estate division of OD Group, will build three independent towers eight stories high and a linear building on a plot of almost 10,500 square meters located just five minutes from the center of Andorra la Vella. The layout of the buildings leaves room, in addition, for a garden area in the central part of the urbanization and an annex building with gym and spa for the exclusive use of the owners. The works will begin during the first quarter of 2020 and will last about two and a half years. The size of the houses will be generous and will range from 115 square meters to meters. Of the 160 homes in the project, 31 will be two bedrooms, 98 of three, 19 of four and 12 of five, with an average price of around 4,800 euros / m². That is, customers will find a great offer between 460,000 euros and 500,000 euros, according to Jorge Juan, director of OD Real Estate.

The value of time

“Luxury” is a taboo word in The White Angel. And not because their product does not deserve this denomination, but because they prefer to focus on the comfort of their customers. With this project, the holding company transfers its concept of “living homes” to Andorra that it has already successfully developed in Ibiza and Baqueira (Lleida). "The residential development is aimed at an audience for whom the value of time is essential," he explains. Marc Rahola Matutes, founder and executive director of OD Group. He is aware that the client today is more demanding than ever. In fact, this project arises with the purpose of satisfying the needs of future neighbors, that what they want is "to be able to enjoy their home, their family and their time in the best way," adds Jorge Juan.

And how do you get the service of a hotel to a private home? Through its division OD Services, the residents of The White Angel They can access all kinds of services, such as maintenance of common areas and 24 hour security. In addition, optionally, the neighbors have cleaning services in their home, laundry, decoration, transfer to airports and ski resorts, tax advice, vehicle maintenance, offer of activities or physiotherapy services, among others. The latter are not included in the community fee, which will be around 165 euros.

This added value is what differentiates The White Angel from other competitors.. “Materials, such as flooring or lighting, are tangible elements that can be copied. What can never be copied is the intangible, which is what gives the soul to the product, ”commented Jorge Juan.

The arrival in Andorra is by no means casual. Thanks to its fiscal transformation process, the Principality “combines all the ingredients,” Rahola Matutes explained during the presentation. "Until a few years ago, Andorra was outside the reality of" real estate ", but it did not cease to have a very clear interest." To the new fiscal and financial scenario is added a series of ingredients that increases the interest of investors, such as an attractive proposal for “retail”, of ski slopes, an important banking “experience” and a very low crime rate.

On the other hand, the Andorran citizen receives The White Angel "With joy because there is a very important need for real estate in the country," according Jan Aramburu, manager The White Angel Andorra. The high price of rental housing is a serious problem in this enclave for which the main solution is the arrival of new construction that balances supply and demand. Regarding future projects, Rahola's mind is to take the brand to Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Palma or even to other places beyond the Spanish border. It is something that does not rule out that it happens in the future, just need to “the opportunity”.

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