August 5, 2020

Ibex yields 0.22% but maintains 9,000 points – La Provincia

HeIBEX 35closed the trading day on Tuesday with a0.22% drop, dragged by the new wave of tariffs announced by the president of the United States,Donald Trump,and his warning that he could postpone the signing of a trade agreement with China, although he has managed to stayabove the level of 9,000 points.

Specifically, the selective Madrid has closed at 9,135.7 points, after falling 2% yesterday weighed down byTrump's announcement to restore "with immediate effects" tariffs that tax US imports of steel and aluminum from Brazil and Argentina.

To this was added the subsequent announcement of the AdministrationTrump impose 100% tariffs on French productssuch as champagne and cheese, among others, in response to the 'GAFA rate', the French 'Google rate' with which the country will require US technology companies to pay a tax on income earned in exchange for their digital services .

At the close of the session, Ence,with a hikeof 1.76%; followed by Cellnex (+ 1.17%) and MásMóvil (+ 1.07%), were the values ​​with the highest increases. They were seconded by Enagás (+ 0.86%), Inditex (+ 0.83%) and REE (+ 0.66%).

On the contrary, ArcelorMittal, which closedthe day with a crash3.24% in the price of its shares, followed by ACS (-3.09%) and Mediaset (-2.43%), registered the biggest falls on Tuesday. Mapfre (-2.36%), Acciona (-1.98%) and Bankia (-1.85%) were the values ​​that fell the most.

On the other hand, the risk premium offered to investors for Spanish bonds with a ten-year maturity compared to their German counterparts stood at 73.6 basis points, with profitability at 0.4%.

Herest of european bagsthey also closed with declines, although more pronounced than in the case of Spain: Paris yielded 1.03% and London, 1.72%, while Frankfurt recorded a 0.19% rise.

On the other hand, theoil barrel priceBrent quality, a reference for the 'Old Continent', was around 6:00 pm at a price of 61 dollars, while Texas was placed at 56 dollars.

Finally, the price of the euro against the dollar was placed at 1,1092 'green notes' at the same time.

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