June 3, 2020

Iberostar closes its 120 national and international hotels

The Iberostar Group has completed the process of closing its 120 hotels in Spain and abroad, whose activity will resume once the world health crisis is over due to the coronavirus epidemic, sources from the Mallorcan company have informed Efe.

The establishments have been phased out, “taking care” of the repatriation of customers and the welfare of employees.

In the case of Spain, the company has filed a temporary employment regulation file (ERTE) for the closure of its 38 hotels, which affects 5,000 workers in the establishments and its headquarters.

Those affected are workers with fixed contracts as discontinuous fixed pending the start of the season in tourist establishments, and the suspension of employment means the loss of “different percentages” of working time and wages.

The Palma-based company has 120 4 and 5-star hotels worldwide and 34,000 employees.


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