Iberoamerica is committed to an inclusive work with cultural relevance

Iberoamerica is committed to an inclusive work with cultural relevance

Ministers and representatives of the 22 countries of Ibero-America agreed today in the Guatemalan city of Antigua to promote work with cultural and inclusive relevance that takes into account vulnerable groups, such as people with functional diversity.

The Ministers of Labor, Employment and Social Security of the Ibero-American countries, which closed the X Ibero-American Conference, made public this Friday their joint declaration, to which Efe had access, and which will be elevated to the XXVI Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and of Government of the next month of November.

In it, considering that growth must be "sustained, inclusive and sustainable" and with a "productive and decent" employment, it is agreed to "promote actions to harmonize and incorporate measures" that promote "quality employment" for people with disabilities or others included in "vulnerable groups" in both the public and private sectors.

In addition, they are committed to developing social protection measures for people with disabilities that guarantee "the quality of life and the exercise of their rights, such as pensions, benefits and social services."

That is why they urge governments to continue incorporating inclusive guidelines, "with cultural relevance", recognizing that indigenous peoples "have a leading role to generate development processes from their worldview with commitment and responsibility."

For this they also ask to promote actions "that eliminate all forms of discrimination and intolerance in the workplace and ensure full equality of all before the law in the labor legislation."


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