March 6, 2021

Iberia's strike in Barcelona causes 73 cancellations

The strike of the Iberia land workers at the Barcelona Airport has caused 73 cancellations this Sunday, the second day of the strike, and UGT spokesman Iberia Barcelona, ​​Omar Minguillón, has predicted that "some more will fall."

Speaking to Europa Press, Minguillón has described as "unfortunate "blame the widespread delays on Saturday flights to heavy rain, which made the takeoffs and landings paralyze for half an hour.

The spokesman has informed that the workers will meet this Sunday with the minimum services, which he has branded as excessive, and has explained that the follow-up of the strike is 80%, while the airline said that on Saturday the follow-up was a 17.5%

Minguillón has stated that "there is no news" about a new negotiation meeting with the company, and that the representatives of the Company Committee will meet this Monday at approximately 10.30 am

The strike of the Iberia land workers, who demand labor improvements, already caused the cancellation of 62 flights this Saturday, to which the 32 cancellations due to the adverse weather in Barcelona were added, Aena told Europa Press.

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