January 27, 2021

Iberian Press for Tourism of the Canary Islands

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The health crisis derived from covid-19 has led many companies to establish teleworking, remote work carried out through the Internet and new technologies, to guarantee the safety of their workers. This negative situation, which a priori has forced the confinement of millions of people, also has a positive reading since, thanks to this, many people can combine their work with a change of location. In this way, they can consider replacing the busy going to and from cities with a more natural setting or even with a first-class tourist destination, such as the Canary Islands.

And it is that few places in the Spanish geography have as much favor as this archipelago to combine teleworking with the best leisure. It has paradisiacal beaches and natural landscapes that leave you breathless, a good climate all year round and an excellent connection with the peninsula. Its many attractions have made it one of the most sought-after destinations by remote workers, people who work remotely. Considering the strengths of this location, Tourism of the Canary Islands has designed an action plan to offer the best opportunities to remote workers. Its objective is to position this destination to a new group of travelers, taking into account its qualities as a privileged tourist destination, capable of improving the quality of life of people seeking a better location.


Thanks to new technologies, geographical location is no longer a limit to work. In addition, it has been shown that you do not need to work in a specific place to be successful.

All this has favored the birth of a new lifestyle for people who work outside of a traditional office environment and who, moreover, choose privileged places to settle. Among others, the Canary Islands encourages active leisure after work: it is possible to take a good swim in the sea after work, or go on an excursion between volcanic landscapes and jungle forests at leisure. In fact, it is a unique environment for this, since the archipelago has 1,500 kilometers of coastline and more than thirty natural parks and areas protected as a Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In addition to these advantages in terms of environment, it stands out its condition of an Atlantic hub with very high connectivity, with better broadband than the European average, its proximity to Europe, a safe environment and cities and towns with a vibrant environment. Likewise, the cost of living is lower compared to the average of the cities of the continent and has time compatibility to develop work with collaborators from America and Asia. Nor can we forget its carefree lifestyle, its outstanding accommodation offer and the good air connection that its location allows: it has daily flights to the peninsula and connection with 153 airports in 27 countries.

Initiatives of ‘coliving’ Y ‘coworking’ make it easier for more and more people to opt for this lifestyle and do so precisely taking advantage of the advantages of the Canary Islands

Nor can we forget its carefree lifestyle, its outstanding accommodation offer and the good air connection that its location allows: it has daily flights to the peninsula and connection with 153 airports in 27 countries.


The remote workers They have long established this destination as one of their favorites. Now, it is a prominent place for even more people, as the bulk of people working from home has increased considerably because of the context. Among the favorite options of teleworkers, we find initiatives such as the coworking. In the archipelago there are up to 100 spaces of these characteristics, which allow independent professionals to share a physical work space to develop different projects and create a solid network of contacts. Coliving is also common, a new residential model that includes the fact of sharing a home and work space, in case of working remotely, and which is precisely becoming popular in the Canary Islands.

Although for remote workers, it is not easy to find a balance between work and personal life, the Canary Islands have everything you need to travel while working remotely or to settle for a long time, not only in terms of teleworking, but also at the level of tourist experience and lifestyle. It is, in fact, an upward trend in this destination: it is estimated that approximately 14,000 remote workers they have already passed through the archipelago in the last five years. Undoubtedly, this enclave has enough appeal and potential to house many more remote workers and, at the same time, guarantee that they spend the best years of their lives in this place.

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