March 8, 2021

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The digital transformation process has picked up speed and is gaining size. There is no going back on this inescapable challenge if we want to keep up with times in which no one – not people, not companies, not institutions – can afford to be left behind in a technological revolution that will not only determine our future, but it is already testing our present and has proven to be the engine that has allowed the world to continue turning during the Covid-19 crisis.

Pushed by circumstances, we have transferred our personal, work and social life to the virtual sphere. But, although in many cases it has been reluctantly and forced marches, it is not a temporary emergency move, but it will be final and poses challenges and needs for companies that require new skills and knowledge.

The labor market is a living and constantly moving organism that evolves driven by social, economic, demographic and, of course, technological changes. Some jobs are outdated and tend to disappear, some survive by dint of reinventing themselves and new ones are emerging at a faster and faster rate. The massive impact of digital technologies brings with it a high demand for specialized professionals that guide companies in the necessary digitization process that frees them from becoming obsolete (and that goes far beyond setting up a website and launching into the e-commerce), that help their managers to make smarter decisions and maximize the use of the cloud to optimize processes, make them more agile and competitive and offer new added value to their customers.

In this process there are two concepts that become increasingly important: Cloud services and environments and cybersecurity. So Telefónica Tech has committed to promoting the specialization of its employees, with the creation of CyberAcademy + and CloudEX Academy that will contribute, through the most advanced training and the most prestigious certifications, to reduce the digital divide. Both academies have platforms on-line that will guarantee the permanent requalification and adaptation of professional competences, promoting their specialization in technological skills with great demand in the market and keys for the digital transformation of all types of organizations.

CloudEX Academy: the key to business success is in the cloud

The cloud (cloud in Spanish) is a business concept that is based on offering computer services (servers, storage, databases, etc.) through the internet, which has numerous advantages compared to old models: it allows to reduce operating costs and improve the efficiency of the infrastructure with a clear impact on higher productivity. In addition, it allows adaptation as needs change and facilitates accessibility and mobility, which is a great competitive advantage.

In fact, the cloud computing It has emerged in recent months as a key tool in the continuity plans of organizations during the Covid-19 pandemic. “This crisis has shown how companies that had started their path towards digital transformation have been able to continue their activity using tools hosted in the cloud and now more than ever this transformation has become a necessity where the cloud it is the base piece to face it “, analyze Raquel Ruiz, director of the CloudEX Academy of Telefónica Tech.

Raquel Ruiz, director of the CloudEX Academy of Telefónica Tech.

This new paradigm is allowing one of the essential steps in the digital transformation process of companies: the change of mentality that allows managers and company managers to identify technology as one of the main factors in business success. “The cloud is not only part of the infrastructure needed to implement a business strategy, it is what makes new strategies completely viable. Without this technology that drives continuous innovation, companies and organizations run the risk of being left behind “, clarifies Raquel Ruiz, who underlines the philosophy with which the institution she directs was born: “This academy responds to a very clear vision of how we want Telefónica Tech to respond to the current context. A context where technology, that engine of the fourth industrial revolution, has to be used in an agile way and always being up to date “.

‘The cloud is not only part of the infrastructure necessary to implement a business strategy, but it is what makes new strategies completely viable’

Raquel Ruiz, director of the CloudEX Academy of Telefónica Tech.

At core One of Telefónica Tech’s value proposition is to be the trusted partner of its clients in a world “Cloud first”. And that objective can only be achieved through a commitment to the human team. “Telefonica Tech Cloud is committed to ensuring that the professionals behind our services and platforms are the best that could be counted on at all times, because it is our priority that each and every one of us have developed the knowledge and capabilities that the cloud world requires “, affirms Raquel Ruiz.

Current technologies allow the design of a customized personal development process, which is why the academy was baptized as CloudEXAcademy. “And the EX is not free, the Ex reflects a desire to be excellent but also to be exclusive and to facilitate each student to create a unique experience, based on their needs, creating a personalized development path, because no two people are the same “.

For this, the academy has been conceived to allow us to adapt to the different learning models, in terms and times, giving real space to initiatives such as practical laboratories to learn by doing. At the content level, it focuses on the most demanding certifications in the market (those that are sought in the most demanded profiles), in addition they offer a training catalog with various technical and key skills for professionals (with more than 380 technology courses and more than 35 own content on Products and Services, Cloud Hard Skills, Advanced Digital Skills …). All this by making available to students all kinds of resources, blog, seminars, websites and a multidisciplinary knowledge library that has a collection of more than 8,000 books, audiobooks, video courses, etc….

CyberAcademy +: the challenge of security in a hyperconnected world

“There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be”. This quote is from Robert Mueller, who was the director of the FBI responsible for shedding light on the sophisticated Russian cyberattack that altered the US election campaign that gave Trump the victory, and, although it sounds filmic, it gives us the measure of the scope of an omnipresent threat that carries both financial and reputational risks.

In a context such as the one described, where technologies and hyperconnectivity are present in all areas of companies and institutions and millions of data are processed every moment of every day, cybersecurity is one of the most important challenges for organizations. In such a changing and dynamic environment as cyber threats, one of the biggest challenges in the security market today is the lack of talent. About two-thirds of corporate attacks target companies with fewer than 1,000 employees.

‘The great challenges regarding cybersecurity focus on the digital transformation of companies and those focused on the protection of users: their behavior and interaction with data, disinformation, the protection of their identity …’

Elena Lim, Director of CyberAcademy +.

Elena Lim, Director of CyberAcademy +.

Now that all types of companies and organizations are in full digital transformation and are increasing their exposure to a greater and more sophisticated number of threats, it is necessary to have permanently qualified and trained professionals to face them. Some studies suggest that in the European Union alone there will be more than 300,000 cybersecurity positions unfilled by the end of 2022. “That is why one of the greatest challenges is to attract, create and retain specialized talent that is capable of implementing security solutions and responding to and dealing with threats”, ensures Elena Lim, Director of CyberAcademy +.

Even more so in the current scenario of the pandemic that increases the volume of attacks and aggravates the vulnerability of companies that need and demand more than ever cybersecurity solutions and tools so that employees and organizations can act and take measures to guarantee a work environment safer, especially in teleworking situations and keep them constantly trained. In this sense, as Elena Lim points out, “The great challenges with regard to cybersecurity are focused on the digital transformation of companies and those focused on the protection of users: their behavior and interaction with data, disinformation, the protection of their identity …”.

So, the CyberAcademy + proposal covers the entire cybersecurity learning cycle: from raising awareness to users / employees about the risks and threats in terms of Information Security so that they integrate the best practices and safe habits in their day to day, to more specific training, training, simulations and certifications in different disciplines of cybersecurity. “Our mission is to help our clients maximize the set of internal capabilities, through the development and strengthening of internal talent in cybersecurity through a distinctive approach to learning and professional training, relying on the latest technologies, tools, techniques Y gamified and innovative methodologies as well as empirical environments where users face real simulated scenarios (own cyber range), always reinforced by pills of knowledge “explains the CyberAcademy + director.

The programs and contents are designed under the global standard of roles and skills “NICE Framework” in cybersecurity to certify learning at all levels, both for technical and non-technical profiles, and ensure the quality of training. Through an accompaniment model, they adjust to the needs of our clients to ensure the suitability of the programs and their success. To date, 15 courses have been launched in which 1023 students have participated, of which 1,011 have successfully passed them.

Both the CyberAcademy + like CloudEXAcademy have platforms on-line open to all Telefónica Tech professionals working in the business areas of cybersecurity and cloud, regardless of their level of training and adapted to their professional profile (technical, non-technical, commercial profiles, etc.), as well as, shortly, to the professionals of the clients in these areas. Students will be able to access the most demanding product certifications on the market and practice in real environments.

The objective of both initiatives is to contribute to the organic growth of these Telefónica Tech businesses thanks to advanced internal training and, consequently, to a better offer of managed professional services for the company’s clients. In a first phase, some 3,000 Telefónica Tech professionals will be able to access these training platforms, but afterwards, the objective is to offer their clients the possibility of accessing these platforms for the training of their own professionals. Always looking to the future.

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