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The keys of the expert

The first thing we must do is have financial objectives set and control of what we enter and spend. To do this, the best tool is to create a budget. “Setting a budget and being rigorous in its control will help us see if we are closer to what we want,” says Xavier Puig.

In addition, it is always advisable to have an emergency fund, money saved that we can have immediately in the face of unforeseen events. “Everything that contributes to increasing our peace of mind, contributes to improving our financial well-being,” says the expert.

Another key for the teacher is to take into account the debt, “It is important not to go into debt beyond our means,” explains Puig. And finally it reminds us that the money stopped does not give us profitability, for this the expert advises to invest it. “We have to look for products according to our profile and the risk we are willing to take,” he says.

Improve the lives of others

In the seventh installment of Much to do, CaixaBank wants us to be aware of the importance of improving our financial well-being in order to improve people’s quality of life.

About improving the quality of life, in this case that of others, engineer Elena García Armada tells us in the related video of this chapter of Much to Do. The engineer, who has come as a guest in this installment, tells us how with passion and dedication she has managed to improve the lives of others thanks to his work on the pediatric exoskeleton, an advance that makes it possible for children with mobility problems to regain it. “The smile of children when they see themselves walking gives us wings to continue working,” he says. Don’t miss the full chapter here.

Financial culture

Through the experience of leaders in culture, sports and gastronomy, CaixaBank seeks to bring the population closer to basic financial concepts such as entrepreneurship, savings and investment, family finances, debt, bank security …

As a socially responsible bank, CaixaBank promotes, in person and online, financial knowledge through neutral, independent and quality information, in order to help society make responsible decisions about the personal and family economy. Financial education is key so that people can function and develop in today’s society throughout the different stages of life.

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