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17 September 2021

MAPFRE Foundation and Gmp Foundation

Since 2014 the app ‘I am Cappaz’, from the hand of MAPFRE Foundation and Gmp Foundation, allows thousands of people to achieve a greater degree of independence in their living conditions, breaking important barriers in their integration into the world of work.

Downloaded by more than 190,000 users in Spain and Latin America, the app is available on Google Play for free, in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Technology must be a fundamental tool to strengthen inclusion. Developing an app like ‘I am Cappaz’ seeks that people with different abilities can grow in their day to day, develop professionally, gain autonomy and improve indistinctly in all aspects of life.

How does it work?

In order for the app to perform at its best, it must be initially set up with the support person. It has all kinds of tutorials that facilitate learning, which makes it very easy to use.

The main objective of the app is to improve the autonomy and professional integration of people with intellectual disabilities and acquired brain damage (ACD), since it helps them remember appointments and tasks and facilitates mobility, guiding them to the desired destination in a simple way.

In order to reinforce autonomy and professional integration, the app helps to remember appointments, tasks and even accompanies them and serves as a guide to work or back home.

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  • My calendar
    Greater organization impossible: “I like to get up in the morning, see the challenges that await me and know that I am going to overcome them, because I am capable and now the people who love me know it more than ever” asserts an app user.
    Synchronized with Google Calendar, it allows the support person to update it from any device, remembering all scheduled appointments or activities with real-time alerts that can be activated whenever desired, which encourages professional integration.
  • Where I am?
    “I know the way by heart, but they know, for example, if I am already on the bus on my way to work, because if I detour or take longer than necessary to get to the office, they will not understand anything and they will nervous … that’s what technology has! “
    As stated by this satisfied user, this functionality is perfect for making trips in the safest way: you can include all the routes you want, it is only necessary to mark the beginning of the route, the intermediate points (for example, a bus stop) and the final destination. The app will keep support people informed of progress at all times and they will be notified in the event of a delay or deviation. The tranquility of guardians and relatives is guaranteed.
  • My jobs
    More autonomy! “Since I have the videos that my mediator recorded for me to see how things are done, I no longer need to ask as much as before, in addition, if I bring the mobile closer to a sticker, the video appears directly”
    The app shows how to carry out day-to-day activities through demonstration videos (previously recorded by the support person, making it fully customizable) from scanning or printing documents to starting an appliance. It also incorporates a barcode reader that scans stickers that can be incorporated in different parts of work or home, according to the needs of each of the users.
  • I need help
    In continuous contact. If any inconvenience occurs one day, it is only necessary to click to speak with the tutor or the mediator.
    It’s very easy to contact support people directly when help is needed: ‘I am Cappaz’ allows you to organize the telephones in order of preference and program the possible times for making calls.

One more step towards the inclusion of people with different capacities

Naturally, the group of people with different abilities is always very receptive to any innovation that encourages their autonomy.

The app ‘I am Cappaz’ is enthusiastically received and, as the thousands of downloads from Google play, it is very useful. This tool facilitates daily life, promotes mobility and autonomy, which opens up a world of possibilities and eliminates possible barriers to entry in the different areas of life, whether at work, personal or educational.

With this app MAPFRE Foundation and Gmp Foundation, advance in their objective of contributing to the well-being and social and cultural progress of people, with special attention to the least favored groups.

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