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In this sense, Bizpills Group the technological consultancy of human resources specialized in e-learning For companies, it will provide, through its platform of soft skills and digital competences, knowledge on how to increase productivity, efficiency and performance of workers and improve professional development in organizations.

With the training, the consultancy will help to promote not only the adaptation and reinvention of people to the digital world, the so-called digital midset, also the development of social, emotional, cognitive or situational skills such as collaboration, communication, adaptability or creativity known as soft skills. The benefit for companies is total since technological advance has burst into the workplace. Therefore, it is necessary to generate a digital mindset within organizations that allows employees to take advantage of the potential of technologies to develop their role within the company.

Thus, the platform Bizpills Group makes available to the beneficiaries of the Accedemos 2021 program, more than 300 courses to develop professional profiles improving work environments and the effectiveness of organizations with topics ranging from personal development, high-performance teams, business management, to other content about new technologies, Big data, Blockchain or cybersecurity, and methodological tools.

The consultancy's methodology covers all phases of the natural learning process. It is based on behaviors and guidelines that can be applied to the workplace, in order for employees to achieve tangible habits and changes. Through attractive interactive resources such as podcast, test or interviews with experts, and a simple learning experience, professionals will be able to address different topics according to their position and work profile. The ultimate goal is to promote people's talent.

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