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Good cooking


€ 24.95

Rich, rich and well-founded, like everything the famous Basque chef does. La Buena Cocina, his latest book, talks about ingredient mixes that work. 900 recipes to surprise your guests and also to prepare an exquisite dish when you only have a couple of ingredients on hand. The best? This cookbook is full of healthy options.

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€ 21.90

The latest book by the author of the White City trilogy is a historical thriller narrated through three characters whose destiny was forged at the same time as the land that would later be called Europe. An abandoned child, a king, the daughter of a duke … characters who are called to converge to solve a mystery tinged with death.

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Fire line


€ 22.90

“There is much more historical truth in Line of Fire than in the History that politicians want to tell us”; this is how Julia Navarro describes her colleague’s latest novel. And is not for less. July 1938, thousands of young people fight in the tragic battle of the Ebro, and Pérez Reverte wanted to tell the reality of the stories that came together in the toughest and bloodiest battle ever fought on Spanish soil.

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The darkness and the dawn


€ 24.90

At last. The prequel to the global hit ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ is here, which Squire describes as “a monument (without the form of a cathedral) to integrity, ingenuity and resilience against the abuse of power.” And it is that Darkness and Praise ends just where The Pillars of the Earth begins and tells how a shipbuilder, the daughter of a Norman nobleman and an idealistic monk fight against a ruthless bishop eager for power while the England of the year 997 is It faces attacks from the Welsh to the west and the Vikings to the east.

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The chicken Pepe plays hide and seek with his friends


€ 16.95

Since the first story of the endearing Pollo Pepe went on sale, this little yellow bird has earned a corner in the hearts of the little ones. In this new adventure, after how well he was able to locate his mother, Pepe has to find some of his best friends. You will achieve this through this ideal carousel book with huge pop ups that will delight the little ones in the house.

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Greg’s diary. Touched and sunk


€ 15

Ideal for young readers ages 10-12, this book tells of the adventure Greg and his family embark on when they make the decision to cross the country to camp. An epic storm and a vacation spot that is not remotely paradise make the family think the vacation is spoiled. Nothing is further from reality.

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The Outsiders of Time


€ 11.95

Who says supergirls don’t exist? The Balbuena family was sure that their landing in Japan would be the most peaceful until they meet these beings on horseback between the ninjas of all life and the characters of their favorite video games. The author and illustrator of Los Futbolísimos presents a new series that is set to be, at least, as famous as its older sister.

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Large MOLESKINE notebook

Limited Edition Harry Potter “Expectro Patronum”

€ 23.90

Ideal for fans of the most famous wizard on the big screen to draw, jot down things, or even write their own magical stories. The prestigious stationery firm Moleskine presents this limited edition with 240 pages, rubber closure, screen-printed hardcover and includes a Harry Potter themed postcard. A most original gift.

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2021 Agenda

Frida Kahlo

€ 10.50

The most beautiful and practical agenda has the artist Frida Kahlo on its cover. With day per page, this agenda is 13 x 16 cm in size, has a rubber to keep it closed, a ruler with a bookmark function, sheets with full-color images, stickers and illustrations. A great way to turn the page with 2020 !

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Frankenstein’s mother


€ 21.75

Set in the post-war period in Spain, ‘Frankenstain’s mother tells the story of a psychiatrist who returns to Ciempozuelos after spending several years in exile. In his new assignment in a women’s asylum, our protagonist meets an extremely intelligent parricide and, through her, with a nursing assistant to whom he will feel hopelessly attracted.

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An ocean to reach you


€ 20.80

The 2020 Planet Award finalist is a novel about family secrets and broken relationships that, to heal, must leave a loved one along the way. Thus, with the loss as a backdrop, the protagonist family of ‘An ocean to reach you will discover that everyone is connected by an invisible thread in what we call destiny.

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White king


€ 19.85

The bestseller of the moment (it has already seduced more than a million readers), is the third installment of the saga ‘As late as late’. The story of Antonia Scott and agent Jon Gutiérrez continues and ends, twelve years later, with this novel that we can say, without fear of being wrong, that it is the most anticipated of the year.

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