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Manifesto: towards a more sustainable planet

Facilitate responsible purchasing, promote the circular economy, choose sustainable food, start with design to have sustainable products and bet on packaging made with environmentally friendly materials. These have been the lines that have marked the path traveled by El Corte Inglés in recent years, and are the basis of a sustainable future that has already begun.

Sustainability is not a word in a pretty slogan, it is a purpose for change, an attitude that requires a firm commitment to protect what surrounds us and maintain it for future generations. And companies must be aware of the need to work in the same direction as societies. in which they carry out their activity, advancing and working in a more efficient and transparent way.

The planet needs a change in the models of production and consumption. For this transformation to take place, the first steps must be taken. For this reason, since 2019 El Corte Inglés has been integrating sustainability into its business strategy as a transversal axis in all the actions that it has undertaken since then, as well as in decision-making.

Due to global concern about climate change and the urgency to create fairer societies, the company decided to launch its Movement for Sustainability, the objective of which is to move towards a more sustainable business model and lifestyle.

A commitment in action: present and future

The El Corte Inglés Manifesto for Sustainability summarizes its objectives and commitments to build a healthier, more sustainable and more prosperous environment. A commitment that aims to involve society, because the Planet needs us to take action NOW!

But to change, we must rethink the way we relate to nature, what we get from it and how we do it. The company is aware of the need to transform its way of producing and consuming and also that it is a task that it can do alone. That is why he has been working on sustainability for a long time and now he is stepping on the accelerator.

Manifesto of El Corte Inglés

Do you want to know what the Group is doing in terms of sustainability? Well, these are all the actions that it has implemented according to its change program:

Anything else?

Yes! You have implemented all the purposes and initiatives of your Manifesto. El Corte Inglés already has the AENOR Zero Waste certificate in 55 shopping centers and logistics platforms, and the goal is for all its centers to be certified by 2022. In addition, 100% of the electrical energy it uses is guaranteed to be of renewable origin in Spain , and since 2016 it has managed to reduce its carbon footprint by more than 70%.

The company is committed to sustainable raw materials and promotes the circular economy. In the case of fashion, to reduce the footprint that this activity leaves on the planet, it collaborates with the Better Cotton Initiative to improve cotton cultivation worldwide; promotes Spanish fashion with thousands of clothes and shoes manufactured in our country; and give a 2nd life to your garments, to make new ones and create job opportunities.

In addition, it already has more than 10,000 articles with a forest certificate; uses raw materials from sustainable forests in 100% own-brand cellulose products for the home; it has managed to reduce food waste in 90% of its centers; and has established global alliances towards sustainable development, without forgetting that it has been committed to ecological production and Fair Trade for more than 15 years.

And you, what can you do as a consumer?

You already know that everything we do leaves a mark. But it’s up to each of us to keep it as small as possible. Let’s try to leave a positive impact by choosing alternatives that respect the environment and the communities. And so that you can choose and make the best decisions, El Corte Inglés helps you. You sign up?

You can choose from thousands of Oeko-Tex sustainability certified textile products.

You have 75 sustainable fishing products available throughout the year.

Enjoy more than 3,000 local products, including those that have the Denomination of Origin, DO, and Protected Geographical Indication, PGI seal. By buying these products you help boost the local economy.

Recycle your electrical and electronic devices. Find the closest delivery point among the 79 currently available.

And if you opt for an electric car, you can continue to reduce pollution at the more than 200 charging points that you have at your disposal.

A Movement for Sustainability

Sustainability requires movement, aspirations that come true. You also need a wide offer that make it possible to choose innovative products and services with sustainability attributes, and at the same time provide complete and transparent information to all stakeholders.

How does El Corte Inglés work?

The company bases its strategy on six fundamental actions:

1. Offer innovative products and integrate sustainability in all business areas.

2. Report clearly to promote responsible consumption.

3. Involve employees, customers and society in general through experiences, awareness and commitment to the company.

Four. Get the message everywhere with the help of characters and experts.

5. Implement projects with high added value that allow society to know the progress of the sustainability strategy.

6. Give visibility of sustainable products.

If you want to know a little more about what the Sustainability Manifesto consists of, you can continue to learn about these aspects.

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