Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

Iberia responds to the activist

The president of Iberia, Luis Gallego, has acknowledged this morning that the pressure felt by airlines in terms of sustainability is very strong, although they are not the sector that causes more emissions.

The solutions proposed are not easy, according to the president of the main Spanish airline. “It's not a matter of flying or not flying. Above 1,500 kilometers there is no alternative to the plane ”, Galician has asked about the movement against this type of transport that the Swedish activist is leading Greta Thunberg

Investment in more efficient airplanes

As explained by the manager, both his company and the sector as a whole are investing heavily in the transformation of the fleet to use new aircraft models that pollute less, such as the Airbus 350 and the Airbus 320 Neo. Work is also being done on the use of less polluting fuels, but while in cars electric propulsion is already a reality at the service of consumers, in the case of the plane “there is still a lot left so that we can see an electric plane that provides the service that lend the current, ”said Gallego.

In addition, the president of Iberia has asked that "not only focus on the airlines". "Moving forward in the single European sky so that the routes can be more direct and efficient would also help a lot to reduce emissions," he recalled.

He has also insisted that in the Spanish case, a lot of efficiency would be gained and the environmental impact would be greatly reduced if the AVE reached the main terminals of Barajas and El Prat. This would avoid having to use airplanes to connect long-range travelers.

AVE to the airport to reduce short flights

The president of Iberia has made these statements within the framework of the Business Meetings organized by CEOE and CEPME. During his speech he has also reviewed the situation of the air sector and the recent merger with Air Europa.

In the first case, he said that consolidation is the only way for European airlines to face the future efficiently. "Air transport is bound to live large consolidation movements in the coming years," he said. Although it has also specified that consolidation does not always have to occur via business operations. He recalled that in the last ten years 154 airlines have been created and have broken 107 “This shows that the business is not easy and that the concentration is the only way, although that concentration is carried out indirectly absorbing the market left by those they go bankrupt, ”he commented.

The merger with Air Europa, as a matter of State

As for the merger between Iberia and Air Europa, he has asked for patience and prudence as it is pending approval by the European competition authorities. But he recalled that it is a state operation that serves to strengthen Madrid as an air connection center not only with Latin America, but also with other long-range destinations, so that it can compete with the major European airports.

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