Iberia launches offers with flights from 25 euros to Europe and 145 euros to the US – La Provincia

Iberia launches offers with flights from 25 euros to Europe and 145 euros to the US - La Provincia

Iberia is ahead of the sales with its campaign'Travel More'and offers, until January 22,flights from 23 euros each way in Peninsula; from 25 euros to Europe; from 145 euros to the United States; from 200 euros to South Africa, from 215 euros to Asia, and from 250 euros to Latin America.

With these rates, the airlineallows travel until June 13 to destinations of short and medium distance and until December 1 in the case of flights to America, Asia and South Africa, reports in a statement.

The campaign is launched today in digital media and,from January 8, on radio and television and the conditions of the offer, periods of purchase by destinationsand periods not allowed can be consulted already on the Iberia.com website. Places are very limited, especially in high season, so to check the most recent prices and availability seethe Web.

Within this promotion, Iberia offers flights in the Peninsula as Seville from 23 euros each way and Santander, Asturias, Jerez, Bilbao, Barcelona or A Coruña, among many others, from 25 euros. You can also find flights to the Balearic Islands from 29 euros each way and to the Canary Islands from 49 euros.

In the rest of Europe,offer flights to Porto from 25 euros; Cagliari or Lisbon from 29 euros; to Brussels or Geneva from 34 euros; to Paris, Venice, Dusseldorf or Milan from 38 euros; other destinations such as Dubrovnik, Zagreb or Marrakech from 42 euros; and Budapest, Prague or Stockholm from 49 euros each way.

Iberia has also lowered its prices on long distance routes to destinations in the USlike Boston or New York (from 145 euros each way); to South Africa (from 200 euros each way) and in Asia (Shanghai from 215 euros each way and Tokyo, 265 each way).

And in Latin America, all destinations are in promotion: flights to Mexico for 250 euros per trip; to Panama for 259 euros; to Guatemala or San José de Costa Rica, for 274 each way; to Buenos Aires, 285 euros each way; and to more Caribbean destinations such as Santo Domingo or Havana, 289 euros each way.


Iberia also includes in this campaign the possibility of buying the flight and the hotel together. For example, a round trip flight to New York + five hotel days from 499 euros, or a round trip flight to London + two hotel nights from 139 euros.

Further,has launched discounts of up to 40% on car rental when booking flights + car at the same time. For example, return flight to Miami + car rental for 7 days from 589 euros, or in Mallorca, flight + 7 days of car rental from 79 euros.


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