Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

Iberia employees in Barcelona-El Prat call a strike for July 27 and 28

The ground staff of Iberia of the Barcelona-El Prat airport has called a strike for the 27th and 28th of July. The unemployment would affect some 2,000 workers, among them the employees of the counters billing loading and unloading of luggage or those responsible for maintenance of the aircraft.

The committee denounces the overload of work, the lack of stable hiring, the need to increase the number of temporary staff, the excessive use of extra hours of mandatory compliance, the increase of stress and accidents and poor training of new personnel. UGT, majority in the committee, also speaks of an "abuse of the disciplinary regime by management."

Just a year ago the same strike was called in August, but it was lifted shortly before, when the company wanted to solve the problems that were reported. Thus, it breaks into a summer what it was predicted calm at the second airport in Spain, which manages its maximum traffic during the summer. In previous years he had suffered strikes such as security checks.

Strike in Iberia

The committee denounces overload, excessive overtime, work-related accidents and poor training

UGT points to "a lack of sufficient personnel to cover the real needs". As reported in a note the works council, the decision has been taken before "the lack of dialogue with the management of the company" to put measures to the work overload of the template, which increases with the summer and the increase in operations Vueling, also part of IAG as Iberia.

The union also points to "systematic non-compliance with the agreements reached." "Last year the company undertook to solve the problem in the context of a strike cancellation, but a year later the problems remain the same, with the worsening of the increase in the workload compared to that time and the lack of solutions regarding the dimensioning of the template, "denounced the statement.

An employee of Iberia in El Prat, in a file image during a strike

An employee of Iberia in El Prat, in a file image during a strike
(David Airob)

The committee refers to the strike of August 3 and 4, 2018, recalled after a mediation meeting at the Regional Ministry of Labor, which was lifted by the company's determination to resolve the problems denounced by the workers.

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