Iberia could stop being able to fly within Spain with a brexit without agreement

Iberia could stop being able to fly within Spain with a brexit without agreement

The Spanish airline Iberia, which is part of the British IAG group, could stop being able to fly within Spain if finally the UK exit from the European Union occurs without agreement, according to the plans of the European Commission for a " brexit "without pact presented today.

To avoid the effects of such abrupt withdrawal, Brussels proposes to temporarily extend certain licenses for air transport.

However, the exceptional permits granted by the EU after the "brexit" to British airlines, and only for one year, will be limited to direct flights between a city in the United Kingdom and an EU airport, and depend on London adopting equivalent measures.

Community sources clarified that domestic flights within the EU or connections with a stopover in Europe to United Kingdom airlines will not be allowed.

Therefore, Iberia, being part of IAG, a British company, may not be able to continue flying within Spain if the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, fails to get the House of Commons in London to approve the withdrawal agreement agreed by her with Brussels.

The Commission stressed that, in order to maintain the validity of the operating license and the freedom to provide air services within the community club, the airline must be controlled by a company based in the EU.

"If the conditions are not met, as a result of the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the operating license will no longer be valid," said Brussels.

However, the Commission underlined that companies have been notified of this situation "from the initial phase of the withdrawal process and are in a position to take all the measures required to continue complying with EU legislation for the sake of business continuity. "


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