Iberia announces a new ERTE for organizational reasons before the end of force majeure




Iberia has proposed to the unions the negotiation of an ERTE for organizational and productive reasons, given the possibility that ERTE of force majeure will not be extended for the airline sector, the airline reported on Monday in a statement. The company alleges that “the slowdown in the recovery of travel, coupled with the growing uncertainty about whether ERTE force majeure shall apply to the air sector and
In what conditions
, have motivated Iberia’s decision to start negotiations with its unions on an ERTE for organizational and productive reasons ”.

It adds that due to the slow recovery of both long-haul and connecting flights as well as the business trip and the prohibitions,
restrictions and quarantines still in force in many countries
to which Iberia flies, the airline «considers it essential that the extension of the ERTE of force majeure that the Government and social agents are negotiating include the airline industry to safeguard the employment of workers in the sector.

In any case, Iberia needs to continue applying adjustment measures and has informed its unions about this. The airline continues at capacity levels 30-35% lower than 2019, mainly due to restrictions on tourism with the United States, Latin America, Japan and China

The conversations on this ERTE would begin without prejudice to the decisions that Iberia may adopt regarding ERTEs of force majeure, once the result of the negotiation that is being carried out within the Social Dialogue is known.

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