July 29, 2021

Iberdrola, with Sandra Sánchez and women's sport | sports

Iberdrola, with Sandra Sánchez and women's sport | sports

Last Saturday Sandra Sánchez became the world champion of karate, in the kata mode. The talaverana of 37 years it is an example of overcoming and perseverance. His career was interrupted for personal reasons and he did not get on a podium until 32. On Tuesday, Sánchez met with Ignacio Galán, president of Iberdrola, a company committed to women's sport. The company is the sponsor of the Women's Football League and for more than a year has supported the Spanish Karate Federation through the granting of scholarships.

Galán received Sandra Sánchez and her trainer, Jesús del Moral, at Iberdrola's headquarters in Madrid and confirmed the company's commitment to continue supporting women's sport and the integral development of women. The president assured that he will continue promoting feminine participation in all areas and giving them the visibility and recognition they deserve.

Sandra Sánchez, number 1 of the world ranking of karate, has become a benchmark in Spanish sport, with a sports career in which she has 41 medals, 39 of them in gold. He won the National Sports Award in 2017 and is considered the best karate player in history, according to the World Karate Federation.

Iberdrola has been supporting the Royal Spanish Karate Federation for more than a year, through the creation and sponsorship of the Liga Iberdrola de Karate and the granting of scholarships that allow 10 athletes to have the necessary resources to attend and participate in international championships. This support is part of the company's commitment to increasing the visibility of women who practice sport and their achievements and the promotion of the creation of new referents in society.

Iberdrola's commitment to female sports responds to its firm commitment to equal opportunities and the promotion and empowerment of women, principles contemplated in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN, which the company has integrated into its business strategy.

Iberdrola is the main driver of female sports in Spain and was the first to do so globally. Today, it supports 16 federations (gymnastics, triathlon, swimming, rugby, canoeing, badminton, football, handball, volleyball, hockey, table tennis, athletics, karate, boxing, surfing and ice sports) and supports more of 20,000 athletes.

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