Iberdrola wins four network projects in Brazil for 1,350 million euros

Iberdrola wins four network projects in Brazil for 1,350 million euros

Iberdrola, through its Brazilian subsidiary Neoenergia, has been awarded four batches of transmission lines in the auction organized today by the National Agência de Energia Elétrica (ANEEL), at the headquarters of the São Paulo Stock Exchange. Neoenergia has been the company with the best results of those that have participated in this contest, which is in turn has been the largest ever made in Brazil in power transmission lines.

The subsidiary of the Spanish electricity company has managed to get hold of almost 50% of the investment planned in the contest (1,350 million euros, of the 3,000 million euros auctioned, according to data provided by ANEEL).

The four major lines earned by Neoenergia are located in the states of Santa Catarina and Paraná (Lot 1), Rio de Janeiro (Lot 2), Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo and Minas Gerais (Lot 3) and Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul (Lot 4). The four lines total 3,000 kilometers in length and will run for 60 months. The concession contracts assigned by ANEEL are for 30 years.

With this award, Neoenergia consolidates as the big electricity company in Brazil in the network business. These new transmission lines will join the nearly 2,500 km of lines and 28 substations that Neoenergia already has in nine Brazilian states.

Brazil is a key market for Iberdrola, along with the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Spain.


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