September 19, 2020

Iberdrola and Petronor are condemned to pay 324,540 euros to a worker for breaching safety regulations with asbestos

The Social Court number 1 of Bilbao has estimated the demand presented by an affected worker of pleural Mesothelioma, condemning the companies Iberdrola Generación and Petronor to jointly and severally pay 324,540.69 euros for damages to the patient, who worked insulating the pipes with asbestos during the construction of the Lemoniz Nuclear Power Plant and in the maintenance of the Santurce and Pasajes Thermal Power Plants, as well as in the Somorrostro Refinery, owned by Petronor.

As reported by Asviamie, Basque Association of Victims of Asbestos, both large companies “failed to fulfill their preventive duties towards the worker, allowing exposure to asbestos fibers, causing the serious illness he suffers.”

The operator developed his entire professional life as a heater and employee with different companies (Itasa, Itasa Naval, Kaefer Industrial Services) already missing, as subcontractors of large companies, performing insulation activities in the facilities, for which he cut or handled asbestos materials , which gave off fibers that inhaled, explained the association.

After his retirement in 2013, in February 2017 in a preoperative period for an inguinal hernia, the worker was detected with a pleural effusion and thickening, later diagnosing a stage IV epithelioid Mesothelioma. In January 2018, INSS recognized him as an Absolute Permanent Disability derived from Occupational Disease.

According to Osalan, although the companies were registered in the RERA for handling asbestos, the operator was not registered as a worker exposed to asbestos and the workers never used respiratory protection, nor did they wash their work clothes that they took home for washing. .

The worker now compensated, being employed by Itasa, worked for three years (1979-81) in the construction of the Nuclear Power Plant of Lemoniz, placing asbestos in pipes and tanks, after cutting it, and did not receive specific protective clothing, he was not He informed of the risk, nor did he receive medical examinations, he did not wash his clothes, there were no double lockers for clothes, he did not receive training, nor safety courses, Asviamie has denounced.

The association has indicated that, in the works carried out in the Thermal of Santurce and of Passages in the years 1985, 86 and 87, the Security regulations were also breached and, being Iberdrola the owner of these plants, must respond jointly and severally with the contractors and subcontractors in compliance with the obligations that the Health and Safety Ordinance of 1971 imposes on the main company.

On the other hand, he pointed out that the operator worked during the years 1976-79 in the Somorrostro Refinery, removing “old” asbestos and putting new, for which he cut and handled asbestos. Nor, he added, is it true that Petronor fulfilled its preventive duties in relation to asbestos exposure in its facilities.

Asviamie has called on workers who manipulated or were exposed to asbestos, decades ago, to register on the Osalan List as exposed workers, to enable post-occupational health surveillance and as a condition for the professional recognition of possible asbestos diseases.


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