July 24, 2021

Iberdrola acts against a former director for inventing the spying of Villarejo




New step at the helm of Iberdrola around the 'Villarejo case' in which the alleged contracts with the ex-commissioner to whom the firm chaired by Ignacio Galán would have entrusted spying on businessmen such as ACS president, Florentino Pérez, are treated. The energy company has started legal actions against a former director, José Antonio del Olmo, the author of the report "leaked" and published by 'elconfidencial' in early December in which the company's management was accused of ordering espionage and using false invoices in its relationship with the security company Cenyt, linked to the police now in pretrial detention

Iberdrola insists that he has no "record" of these actions, which would have occurred now a decade ago when the president of Real Madrid also wanted to take power in Iberdrola through its construction company. But, in addition, he has urged Madrid Anti-Corruption Prosecutor to open proceedings against Del Olmo, for the crimes arising from the investigation, but which the corporation already points to those of documentary falsehood, insults and slander.

Until now, Iberdrola had denied any responsibility in these espionage orders and had adhered to "legality" in all the actions carried out around its relationship with Villarejo. But he already charges directly against the one who was Director of Corporate Functions within the Directorate of General Administration and Corporation, which has been retired since 2016. José Antonio del Olmo accuses him of having a «Obstructive attitude» Against the investigation opened by the company itself. And also to show an "absolute lack of willingness to cooperate" to clarify the facts and to directly offer that report to the media that published it two weeks ago.

Iberdrola indicates that its former director "seems to be the only connoisseur" of the report leaked to various media, and was published earlier this month. In addition, he accuses him of "not having made the corresponding complaint" before the authorities for the alleged irregularities he himself would know.

The company also remembers that after the publication of this information, its Director of Administration, Control and Regulation in 2004, José Luis San Pedro; the current director of Administration and Control, Juan Carlos Rebollo; and the director at the time of the events of the Department of General Administration and Corporation, Pablo Insunza, have signed a statement stating “the absence of the report and their total ignorance of it, since they do not remember receiving it or having knowledge of he neither in 2004 nor later ».

On December 5, the company already filed a complaint with the Bilbao Prosecutor to investigate that publication in which reference was made to "an alleged internal document" that accuses the company's management of ordering espionage and using fake invoices. And he had also sent a request to the signatory of the same, José Antonio del Olmo, to pronounce on his truthfulness and say if he has information related to Iberdrola "of which the company has no record or file.

The firm maintains that it has carried out a search for said document and that “it has been totally impossible to locate it”, after asking the previous and current responsible for administration, control and regulation. "If the supposed document existed, they should have been the recipients," Iberdrola said.

Iberdrola argues that Casesa's founders and owners until 2010 have issued a statement in which they "flatly deny" commercial relations or any type of payments to Cenyt or any company related to Villarejo. The energy company confirms that it has located the invoices issued by Casesa with the signatures "required by the regulations", so it considers that "they correspond to services actually provided."


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