Ibarra remembers that when the PSOE gave itself "the arm with the left radicals", the people "sent it to the opposition"

Given this situation, Rodríguez Ibarra has warned that "from time to time appear redeemers, populists, podemistas, who promise to liberate humanity, redirmirla", after what has been said that many times young people "are seduced."

"We have spent some difficult years because many people let themselves be seduced by the Redemptorists, by the redeemers, by those who are morally superior to us", and who are those who "are preaching on the top of the fig tree but never come down to wheat ", said the former Extremaduran socialist, who has called for" not trust the redeemers, "because" end badly. "

He pointed out that "these of Podemos, and some others, who have a tremendous superiority," and who "hate" the PSOE, "but they hate us from love," Ibarra pointed out, after which he pointed out that "people It begins to realize that the shore of social democracy is the one that has survived. "

Thus, the former president of Extremadura has called the "attention", because "there is a center left and center right space that we can occupy to win again by an absolute majority," he said.

"Who has said that it is not possible to win by an absolute majority?" Rodriguez Ibarra said during his speech on Friday night at an event in the town of Villafranca de los Barros in Paraná, in which the former president of the Government Felipe González; the Socialist spokesperson in the Congress, Adriana Lastra; the president of the FEMP, Abel Caballero, and the president of the Board, Guillermo Fernández Vara


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