Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

Iballa Ruano and Juan de los Reyes are proclaimed champions of Spain of SUP Olas in Fuerteventura - La Provincia

Iballa Ruano and Juan de los Reyes are proclaimed champions of Spain of SUP Olas in Fuerteventura - La Provincia

The municipality of La Oliva yesterday showed the magnificent conditions treasured by the waters of the north of Fuerteventura for the practice of sports aquatic, in a first day of the Spanish Championship of SUP Surf (Stan Up Paddle) in which champions were proclaimed in the form of waves the Gran Canaria Iballa Ruano and the Andalusian Juan de los Reyes.

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Taking part in the open modality, a hundred participants took part in the SUP Championship Spain Championship, demonstrating a very high level in good conditions for the competition, and giving a great show in the spot of Majanicho.

The wave competition continues today with the sleeves of the base categories, tomorrow Saturday December 8 the Beach Race modality is celebrated, also in Majanicho, and on Sunday the event closes the Spanish Cup in the modality of RACE, which It will have an attractive route between Corralejo and Isla de Lobos, with departure from Corralejo Viejo beach.

Spanish Surfing Championship Stan Up Paddle

SUP Female Waves

1- Iballa Moreno Ruano (Onexe- Canarias)

2- Beatriz Piñal (Pro Training- Cantabria)

3- Hope Barriers (Onexe)

4- Malén Riera (Mallorca)

SUP Waves Masculine

1-Juan de los Reyes (Barbate)

2- Moritz Mauch (Canary Islands)

3- Guillermo Carracedo (Galícia)

4- Pablo Valencia (Onexe-Canarias)

Iballa Ruano, recently proclaimed world runner-up, after revalidating her national title competing with the local club Onexe-Canarias, highlighted the importance of "bringing home the Spanish Championship", and of "doing it in Fuerteventura, the place where I met and learned this modality".

The celebration of the Spanish Championship of SUP in the modalities of Waves and Beach Race, as well as the Spanish Cup of Long Distance in a single event, represent a bet of the City Council of La Oliva, from the Department of Sports and Tourism, for collaborate with the Canarian and Spanish Surfing federations, as well as with the local club Onexe, in the organization of an event that continues to consolidate the municipality as a destination for sports tourism and a paradise for water sports.

On Sunday, local rider Sonni Hönscheid will be among the favorites for the long-distance title, which has accumulated six victories and two second places in the SUP RACE professional world circuit this year.

Technification Center in Fuerteventura

The characteristics of La Oliva with an important quarry and with excellent conditions for the practice of SUP in all its forms have led the Spanish Surf Federation to bet on Fuerteventura for the installation in this town of the first Stand Up Paddle Technification Center of Spain.

Oscar Ruiz, national coach and director of this center, thanked "the support of the City of La Oliva to be able to count on the highest national competition for the first time, after four years in which a test of the RACE circuit has already been held here. Fuerteventura will be the national capital of SUP this weekend. "

Competition program

The competition will be developed with the following program:

Thursday 6 - Saturday 8 / Majanicho

Thursday 6 and Friday 7 December / SPAIN CHAMPIONSHIP SUP OLAS

Lifesaving male / female

Sunday 9 December / RACE SPAIN CUP


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