Iballa Ruano achieves his fifth consecutive world title - La Provincia

Iballa Ruano Moreno has mathematically achieved his fifth consecutive windsurfing world title, after his sister Daida, who completes the podium of honor and finishes in third position, could not participate due to injury in the last test of the season of the wave circuit of the PWA, which is being held in the German town of Sylt. For its part, the subcampeonato falls in the Caribbean Sarah-Quita Offringa.

With this new success, the Morenotwins add 28 world titles that further enhance the sports legend of the Pozo Izquierdo twins. This triumph supposes the tenth championship for Iballa, while Daida has managed 18 twisted world since they both started compete in 1997.

"It's been a fantastic week for me, On September 23 I won my first event of the world circuit of Stand Up Paddle Surf in NY and now I have managed to add this new championship to my record, "celebrated Iballa Ruano in Sylt.

This season will go down in history as the first in which a event has matched the prize money who have received men and women. "As organizers of the Gran Canaria Wind and Waves Festival, at the Morenotwins Sports Club we are very proud of having managed to cross borders and become a global example in the fight for gender equality", said Daida Ruano.

Last April, Iballa Ruano won in the first event of the season of waves of the PWA held in Morocco, while Sara-Quita finished second and Daida in third position. The Ruano sisters would alternate your positions in the next stop on the tour, confirming victory of Daida at Gran Canaria Wind and Waves Festival and the third place for Iballa. The second place on the podium remained unchanged and confirmed Sara-Quita as a candidate for the fight for the title.

The third test of the world circuit was disputed in Tenerife and the result was identical to the event held in Essaouira, with Iballa in first position, Offringa in second place and Daida as third classified.

The competition system of the PWA allows every four events held, runners can choose a test like discard, so the points distributed in El Médano they left Sarah-Quita without options to achieve the world championship after confirming that Sylt would be the last stop of the professional tour.

The title was a matter of two, with a new fratricidal struggle between Iballa and Daida on the horizon, however an injury has prevented Daida from traveling to Germany to be able to fight for the championship and close a season marked by equality, in which other runners such as Lina Erpenstein, Arrianne Aukes, Caterina Stenta and Steffi Wahl have highlighted.


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