Ibai Llanos returns to give the Chimes in streaming “with a very special guest”

Ibai Llanos he surprised the year by presenting your own Chimes on your Twitch channel. The event was followed by half a million people, which shows the influence that the streamer has, mainly in a young audience that looks for alternatives to conventional television.

Following the success of 2020, Ibai has announced that will repeat this year. He has announced this through his social networks: “I can confirm that this year we will also ring the bells live on Twitch.

To create more excitement, Ibai advances that he will tell juicy details, such as the place and the person who will accompany him: “This time from a very special place and with a very special guest. It’s going to be one of the biggest crossovers in history. On Sunday I will tell you with whom and where. It’s going to be spectacular, “he wrote.

Although television is still the medium chosen in most houses to say goodbye to the year, the truth is that Ibai got an average of 243,256 viewers during his special, according to the analysis of TVTop Spain. The data rose at the time of the Chimes, when Ibai counted 552,345 followers, thus surpassing the data of generalist channels such as Cuatro (269,000).


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