March 8, 2021

IATA says the ecotax for flights from France is a mistake

Geneva, Jul 9 (EFECOM) .- The International Air Transport Association (IATA) considered on Tuesday an error the decision of the French Government to impose an ecotax on flights leaving its territory for the damage it may cause to the airline business in this country, as well as the jobs that could be created.

"This rate is a mistake," IATA said in a statement sent to Efe in which it maintains its conviction that "it will not help the industry to invest in cleaner fuels and technologies."

The ecotax will be up to 18 euros for flights departing from France, except those that go to Corsica and the overseas departments, and in case they make correspondence.

According to IATA, which represents more than 260 airlines around the world, the ecotax will affect the business of 100,000 million euros that aviation generates for the French economy.

He even maintained that half a million new jobs will also be at risk due to "the lack of competitiveness of French aviation."

The entity, which has its global headquarters in Geneva, also defended that airlines have reduced their carbon dioxide emissions by half compared to 1990 and recalled that it is expected that from 2020 will pay to offset the growth of their emissions.

Against the ecotax, the IATA indicated that "81% of the French do not trust that their government will use this rate in actions in favor of the environment, for which it committed to monitor that what is collected is spent to improve the sustainability of aviation and, in particular, the efficiency of air traffic controls.

The tax approved in France is progressive and will rise to 1.5 euros per ticket on a domestic or European flight in economy class, while for preferential journeys to destinations outside the European Union will go up to 18 euros, and will be applied to all companies regardless of their nationality.

The French Executive has calculated that with this ecotax will be collected some 180 million euros that will serve to finance transport infrastructure greener, mainly rail.

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