July 11, 2020

"I would love that the national team could play in Barcelona"

In an unbeatable scenario, the cloister of the Jeronimos of the Prado Museum, Robert Moreno explained the last list of the year of the selection, for the matches against Malta and Romania. These were his answers:


"He is scoring many goals and is having continuity. In the previous one he had played a match and a half, there is also a lot of competition. We believe he is in a good moment and that he will help us.

Dinner 10 days ago between the President and Sergio Ramos. Why didn't they invite him?

"I would have to ask them and I don't think I have to go to so many meetings. They don't have to give me any explanation and I don't care, I think I have a good communication channel with both of them.


"He said at the time that he had retired from the national team and we have not valued him again. We respect his decision."

Even absence

"It would be disrespectful to talk about those who are not"

Is such a close league good?

"What interests me is that the League is played by the maximum number of Spanish players possible, and that they do well."

Worried about Isco, who doesn't play in his club?

"I would like all the great Spanish players to have minutes in their club. I'd rather focus on talking about those who are."

Is regaining everyone's team spirit an objective?

"It's something he can't control, I would like it to happen and I think he does. Sometimes you say something after regrets (because of his statements after achieving the classification insinuating that they were waiting for him).

List more continuous than others

"I would not say experiments, I would call it injuries or other situations, every call we have more information and that is helping you. But there may be players who are in this and not in March, or vice versa. We call those who believe they are better ".


"They haven't offered it to me and I don't expect it either," he said. "I would like to do a whole cycle," he said (At the stage of the previous president, Ángel María Villar, when a coach achieved qualification for a great tournament he was renewed).

Dani Olmo premieres

"He is doing well not only in his league, but also in the Champions League, which is more important. We are delighted that he is here."

Goal accomplished

"The objective of the classification is achieved, but the real objective we have is to be first and seeded, and for that we lack two victories."

Player with more art and where would you like to take the team

"With more art, everyone … It would be difficult for many to be able to say which one is better. Choosing a place does not correspond to me, but you know that I am Catalan and that I would love if we could play in Barcelona."

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