"I would like Spain to host a peace summit"

The Minister of Social Rights and Secretary General of Podemos, Ione Belarra, wanted this Wednesday to be clear in her position on the NATO summit to be held in Madrid at the end of this month, unlike the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, or the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, who yesterday left their presence in the air in the event.

Moncloa highlights the "historical significance" of the NATO summit and United We Can leaves its presence in the air

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“I am not going to attend but that seems the least important to me. What matters most is whether we are going to bow as a country to those external impositions that do not respond to the interests of the people of our country or whether we are going to be able to prioritize, instead of an increase in military spending, go for social spending, which is what the people of our country need”, Belarra assured just before entering the Social Rights Commission of Congress, where he appeared to give explanations about the activity of his department.

Asked about the cost of the summit, which amounts to 37 million euros, Belarra added the following: "I would like Spain to host a peace summit, I think that money is greatly needed for social priorities such as the Minimum Vital Income or that transport pass that we have proposed at 10 euros because there are many people who are having a very bad time in this country” He has thus referred to the bond raised by his ministry to "in a similar way to the measure that the German government has adopted, reduce the monthly payment to 10 euros in all cities and autonomous communities of the country".

Belarra's statements come less than 24 hours after the coordinator of United We Can in the Government and candidate of the confederal space, Yolanda Díaz, assured that she will make the decision to go or not to the NATO summit when the " agendas” for the end of the month. "When we know the agendas we will communicate it," she said.

In that same appearance after the Council of Ministers, Alberto Garzón avoided ruling on Pedro Sánchez's intention to increase military spending to 2% of GDP in the coming years in the face of the anti-militarist nature of the IU, the party he leads. “You know the opinion on this matter of my political force, the history, the genealogy, it is evident. But they have to remember that IU's absolutely unwavering commitment is to the coalition agreement and I am absolutely comfortable developing that coalition agreement", said the minister, who has traced the answer regarding the agendas to answer the question about his presence at the summit at the end of June.

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