"I will take my children to that school to be inflated with hosts"

The second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, and the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, have filed two complaints with the National Police for the harassment they suffer in the vicinity of their home as well as for comments on social networks about their children. The decision comes after the couple had to leave their vacations in Asturias due to fear for the safety of the minors after the disclosure of the location in which they were as well as the appearance of threatening graffiti and protests in the surroundings.

Harassment that does not stop on vacation: three months of

The harassment that does not stop on vacation: three months of "constant harassment" of the family of Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero

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Iglesias and Montero have filed a complaint at the National Police station in Congress for comments on social networks in which their three children are mentioned and in which the plaintiffs consider that hatred and violence are incited.

The other tweet that is denounced is a response to the previous one in which the user, who does not identify himself and who has closed the account, claims to threaten to take his children to the same school "so that they can be inflated with hosts." Iglesias and Montero demand that the Police investigate the identity of those users and send the information so that the corresponding judicial procedure can be instructed.

For his part, Iglesias filed another complaint at the police station on Monday about the presence of four individuals near the wall of his home who at around three in the morning began to shout "insults and foul comments" as well as to throw "different objects "into the garden, according to the police escort, who called the Civil Guard. "None of these police forces has succeeded in intercepting the individuals responsible for the denounced events," affirms the vice president, whose intention is to file a complaint for which he demands that the Police carry out the pertinent inquiries about the identity of those individuals in order to present that complaint. information, together with the reports corresponding to the incident, by criminal means.

In the text, Iglesias recalls that he has been "suffering harassment" in the "last months" in the surroundings of his home in Galapagar, where groups of people congregate daily express with whistles, pans or high-powered sound equipment with the aim of "not stopping until they leave Spain", in addition to other insults. The complaints filed in the last hours are in addition to other actions that the couple have carried out against the harassment, although with little success so far.

A judge from Collado Villalba filed the complaint for harassment and coercion that Montero filed against Cristina Gómez, one of the three councilors of Vox in Galapagar and promoter of those concentrations. The magistrate considered that the facts were protected by freedom of expression and that criminal proceedings were not appropriate to analyze them. Iglesias, for his part, has sued the one he considers to be the instigator of these protests, Miguel Ángel Frontera, to whom he attributes six crimes: coercion, harassment, discovery and disclosure of secrets, disobedience, alteration of public order and against natural resources and environment. The vice president's attorneys still have no record of whether or not that complaint has been admitted for processing. In addition, the Civil Guard filed another complaint against Frontera, who was arrested on June 12 for alleged crimes against privacy, the right to one's image and the inviolability of the home and discovery and disclosure of secrets for recording the facade of the home.


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