"I will always defend the dialogue table even if they spy on us"

"I will always defend the word, dialogue and the dialogue and negotiation table even if they spy on us." With these words, the ERC spokesman in the Congress of Deputies, Gabriel Rufián, expressed himself this Wednesday during a conference that he gave late in the afternoon at the Club Siglo XXI in Madrid. Rufián has also pointed out that a possible "failure" of that dialogue table "will not be a failure of the independence movement or of the ERC." It will be, in his opinion, "a failure of the Spanish left." At that point, he has issued a warning: "History tells us that every time the left fails, the independence movement rises."

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“ERC does not speak or negotiate with the PSOE because we are the same. Talk and negotiate with the PSOE because we are diametrically different, because we are different and because it is our job to do so”, added Rufián.

The conference has also served Rufián to attack the future political project of Yolanda Díaz for the intention of the second vice president and Minister of Labor to leave the parties in the background to focus on building a proposal that starts from the citizenship. The ERC spokesman has declared himself to be a “strong defender of the parties”. "There are those who call them active listening so as not to call them what they are," he ironically, in clear reference to Díaz.

He has also warned her that "without structure" the candidates are "absolutely nothing". “Nobody wins elections only with good covers, good editorials and good talk shows. No one wins elections with their face alone. Only collective projects prevail over time”, he pointed out, to conclude, throwing a new dart at the second vice president: “Those who do not understand it spend too much time listening to those who are telling them how good it is, that they are the same ones who said someone how good and good it was”. However, during question time, Rufián trusted that "Yolanda is doing well"

Spain, “a country with a drive towards violence”

Another of Rufián's reflections has focused on the rise of the extreme right. He has recognized that in the streets “there is a lot of anger, there are a lot of angry people, a lot of tension and a lot of verbal violence”, but he wanted to emphasize that “it is nothing new” in the State. “Spain is a troubled country, with a drive towards violence in the public, political and media spheres inherent in its history”, he has settled.

Next, the ERC spokesman did want to warn that Spain is experiencing a moment "in which the extreme right has robbed the left of its ability to be outraged at a tremendously outrageous reality." For him, parties like Vox are stopped "filling people's fridge" and "ensuring their most basic needs." "Either the left is dedicated to filling refrigerators or the extreme right will win by raising flags," he warned.

For Rufián, "the extreme right is not just a party or a politician, it is a state of mind." “It is not that there are a lot of fachas and people who like Vox. It is that there are many people with fear, without hope, pissed off, furious, ”he assured. Therefore, he has concluded: "Either we give them useful things or we will lose them." For this, it is necessary to protect the school, the work and the family.

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