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"I was surprised that in the US there would be conversion fields for homosexuals "

Nicole Kidman: “Me extrañó que en EE.UU. hubiera campos de conversión para homosexuales”

If there is a actress that understands the weight that a movie star can have when it comes to promoting a movie, that's Nicole Kidman, who never miss the appointment when it comes to defending a project, even if his was a secondary role. Therefore, although in
Identity erased
the main character is from Lucas Hedges, like a gay boy who accepts to enter a Christian conversion field in which they will try to cancel their inclination homosexual, the Australian devoted a good amount of time to talk about the film directed by Joel Edgerton. It embodies the mother who accompanies the decision of her husband, an evangelist pastor played by Russell Crowe, to intern the misguided son to solve what he sees as a problem.

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What surprised you most about the real story?

I did not know anything about the subject. Joel called me and told me he had a casting role for me. I read it and told Joel that I was going to do it because there are movies that have an important message that you have to share with the audience, and this is one.

Did you discover the conversion fields with the script?

Yes. I did not know they existed, and I did not know anything about conversion therapy either. I had no idea that in the US It is something legal. It seemed very strange to me. That's why I think it's important, because there are many kids of Lucas's age who are questioning themselves today if they have the right to be who they are.

What was it like working with Russell Crowe?

A great pleasure. I've known Russell since I was very young. It was so easy. We have a very special chemistry, and everything is very natural, because we have a long history as friends. It is not something that can be invented.

He had to work with actors without experience. What do you do to not intimidate them?

It's funny, because when I got to the set I was nervous because they had been filming for a while. That first day all these young boys surrounded me and I was wondering what they would think of me. But as soon as I entered the scene, I put my hands on Lucas's face, I hugged him and he shuddered. I called him son and things started to go. I know that it is not always the best thing that one can do, but I try to embrace.

Your character has an interesting change of attitude ...

My character is called Nancy in the film, but in real life her name is Martha, and she told me that she took her son to this center thinking he was doing the right thing, that it was an act of love towards his son, because I could understand him. I had not been educated about what it means to be gay. There is a scene in which she says she feels embarrassed for not having protected him. She told me that she will spend the rest of her life asking for forgiveness for that. She modified her look and was willing to change for her motherly love. It was very brave because in her community she was rejected by a lot of people.

Do you think that social pressure is stronger than religion in these cases?

Martha says that she was raised with particular beliefs. She was educated with the Bible, and she had a husband who was a pastor, who did not understand many things. For that reason, when Garrard told him that he was attracted to men, that he thought he was gay, he thought it was good that he made this path to get where he is today, because he also had his beliefs and grew up in that same religious world. That's why I think that in this case the biggest factor was religion.

Is something missing in your life?

I was already an elderly mother, so I am very aware of the value of time and the desire to continue being here. I am 51 years old, and two daughters are 10 and 7 years old who need their mother. That is probably what causes me some anxiety.

Do either of you want to follow in his footsteps?

No, quite the opposite. If they could, they would run in the opposite direction. Come on, once in a while the idea is crossed to them by the head but immediately they repent. They are finding their own passions, which is fabulous. The older one is not interested in acting but being behind the camera. He wants to have control ...

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