August 4, 2020

"I want to recover the brand and the spirit of the Complutense"

The professor of Veterinary Joaquin Goyache, candidate to rector of the Complutense of Madrid (UCM) in the elections of April 3, intends to "recover the mark and the spirit" of the largest face-to-face university in Spain, which despite being "the richest in teaching and research "ranks 15th in the national ranking.

Goyache, the only contender who will contest the position of current rector Carlos Andradas, declares himself "very concerned" about the conversion of CUNEF into a private university, in an interview with Efe, in which he describes his project so that Complutense is "a university of the XXI century".

Currently, "there is no economic transparency, if I am elected, I will ask for an audit, not because I have any suspicion, but to know how much there is, how it has been administered and to avoid what happened in the past, with made-up budgets," he says.

"We are not going to merge any faculty, we will never do it for mere economic reasons," adds the candidate who criticizes the restructuring of departments made by Andradas, which reduced them from 184 to 94.

"We would not have done it based on numbers, but on synergies, to promote research and the capture of resources, we will analyze the result and what has not worked, reverse it," he explains.

In technological matters, "it is an immediate challenge" to increase the capacity of Wi-Fi which is "clearly insufficient", in addition to improving the "obsolete" equipment with which students learn, through "funds co-financed with the Administration", he continues.

Goyache proposes "a reform of degrees and masters degrees are more flexible than it seems and there are faculties that are already reviewing, to adapt" to the society of the future.

Half of the professors "will retire in five years." The teaching and research staff (PDI) must be rejuvenated with figures such as the Assistant Professor, which allow a rapid entry "into the academic career.

Concerning the conversion into a private university of CUNEF, which until now is an affiliated center that operates on the land of the Complutense, it explains that "in 2014 the Community of Madrid recognized it as Cunef SL, with the capacity to be a private university".

In 2016, "Andradas changed the concession of the land, which went from the Spanish Association of Banking to Cunef SL without counting on the governing council of the university," he adds.

Although the Rectorate resorted, "it will take a long time and we will have a private university on our land and in our building". The approval by the regional government and the Assembly of Madrid "was too fast, against the Council of Universities, all a little weird", criticizes.

The Complutense fell "one hundred positions in international rankings such as THE or WHU.In the Spanish Webometrics, we are in the position 15. We must compete to be the best in our environment, among universities of our category, such as Barcelona, ​​which is Far ahead in everything, "he concludes.


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