"I want to continue at Real Madrid"

"I want to continue at Real Madrid"

Madrid returns to training with the aim of achieving the regularity that has been missing in this beginning of the season and is also Isco, the main affected by the arrival of Solari and the bad moments of the team. The Andalusian midfielder went on vacation being a substitute, behind Lucas Vázquez, Asensio and also Ceballos. "I'm not going to go at all. I am very happy, "said the white midfielder to Cuatro on his arrival the capital of Spain.

Also last season Isco started as a substitute with Zidane and ended up being a starter, overcoming the doubts that the Frenchman had with his way of playing. Lopetegui did trust him, but the arrival of Solari has changed his life in the white set. As a substitute, all possible rumors about your future are generated. Not only in the summer market, but also in the winter market that begins already. Isco still has a lot of sign in the world of football and his departure can leave a lot of money in the white coffers. But he has been forceful with his position now in January: "Of course I want to continue at Real Madrid to continue winning titles," the Andalusian midfielder said bluntly.

Your challenge is immense. He has to convince a coach with whom it is evident that he does not get along, that there is no chemistry and he has to maintain a constant high level to be the decisive player who can not be removed from the starting line. And in addition, the affection of the Bernabéu has to return to gain. The Real Madrid partner was in love with the player from the first day he arrived because with the ball on his feet, Isco does not match anyone, however, his last gestures, his way of falling on the bench, have made him grow a distance between the public and the soccer player. The stands of the Madrid stadium are generous with those who surrender, but they are impassable with those who do not. And when you look bad at a player, you do not forget.

The season reaches its most important moment and Madrid needs the best Isco to meet the objectives. In January, with the Cup, the Andalusian may have more minutes than before. It is his moment to show off, to smooth out rough edges, to return to winning in the field what he has lost in practice and with bad gestures. Solari will have to do rotations and there Isco has to show that it fits in the 4-3-3 with open football players and football outside with which Solari orders his players. There is no place for a playmaker to use as Isco, so it will take a double effort. Play well and adapt to a position that does not fit quite well. It is your challenge.


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