August 4, 2020

"I want them to explode", the message of Bolsonaro's eldest son to Hamas

Senator Flavio Bolsonaro, the first-born of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, said Tuesday that he wants the Hamas Islamist movement to "explode" after the group's criticism of his father's visit to Israel.

"I want you to exploit," the senator posted on his Twitter social network profile, in which he reproduces the cover of an article in the Brazilian magazine Exame entitled: "Hamas repudiates Bolsonaro's visit to Israel and asks for retraction" .

The expression "explode", in Brazil, is quite used in colloquial language to refer to something that "does not matter" or to say "fuck", but in this case, by its connotation, makes an allusion direct to the terrorist actions attributed to the Islamist movement that since 2007 governs de facto Gaza.

On Monday, President Bolsonaro visited the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, next to the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, thus becoming the first head of state to do it together with an Israeli authority and breaking with the diplomatic protocol of his predecessors.

In addition, the president reiterated in his meeting with Netanyahu the intention to move the Brazilian embassy to Jerusalem, as he had expressed during his election campaign, but for now the only sign, according to the president, will be the installation of a commercial office.

On Monday, Hamas issued a statement in which it condemned "vehemently the visit" of Bolsonaro, who, in the opinion of the movement, "contradicts the historical attitude of the Brazilian people, who support the struggle for the freedom of the Palestinian people against the occupation, but it also violates international laws and regulations. "

In addition to "denouncing" the visit to the Western Wall in the company of the Israeli prime minister, Hamas also condemned "the announced plan for the creation of a commercial office for Brazil in Jerusalem."

In that sense, Hamas called on Brazil "to immediately reverse that policy that is against international law and the support positions of the Brazilian people and the peoples of Latin America."

"We emphasize that this policy does not address the stability and security of the region and threatens the Brazilian ties with Arab and Islamic nations," said the statement, in which Hamas requested the support of the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation for " press "the Brazilian government to reverse the situation.

The reaction of the first-born of the president was the first of a Brazilian politician to the Hamas communiqué.

The eldest son of Bolsonaro is a former deputy from Rio de Janeiro who now occupies a seat in the Senate, after being elected as the legislator for the highest-voted upper house in that state during the last general elections in October.

The name of Flavio Bolsonaro is linked to an investigation that began in the wake of suspicions about irregular banking movements of Fabricio Queiroz, an ex-adviser to the current senator, detected by the Fiscal Activities Control Council (Coaf), a body linked to the Brazilian government.


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