Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

I trust the Spanish

I trust the Spanish

The number two to the Congress of the PP for Madrid, Adolfo Suárez Illana, has said that "trust" of the Spanish more than the latest polls, part of which cast doubt on a possible change of government after the elections on April 28 .

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Suárez Illana has participated in the streets of Alicante in the procession of Jesus Triunfante, better known as 'La Burrita', as soon as you arrive by train from Madrid.

Although the march had already begun, has requested the "venia" to the brotherhood and has been authorized to occupy a position in the official race with the president of the Provincial Alicante and head of the provincial PP cartel to Congress, Cesar Sanchez , and the rest of the authorities.

At the end and asked by Efe on whether it gives value to the latest polls, including those of the CIS, which give favorable forecasts to the PSOE of Pedro Sánchez, Suárez Illana has limited himself to point out: "I trust the Spaniards".

He then indicated that "there is no single constituency" that is not important on election day of 28-A, and then declined to talk about the electoral program of the PP or the elections since "today is Palm Sunday and for I'm the most important thing of all. "

"I could talk about many things," Suárez Illana confessed, although "as the most important thing is Palm Sunday" has avoided doing "anything that has the slightest political or partisan tinge."

"I have come as one more to participate in this procession as a devout Catholic that I am: With my feet in mud, like everyone else, and they will allow me to leave electoral issues aside to focus on what is most important for a Catholic, it's Palm Sunday, "he repeated several times.

From his first participation in the procession of 'La Burrita' in Alicante, he has valued that the brotherhood has included him among the authorities and commented that he expects to "live up to that gesture" before adding that it is a link that he expects him to "tie up for a long time" and "allow him to participate more times" in this step.


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