October 22, 2020

“I thought they were a reliable match”

The PP president, Pablo Casado, has assured that the PNV “betrayed” the PP’s trust and added that he thought they were “a reliable party”, alluding to the support of the Basque nationalists for the censure motion that evicted the Government of Mariano Rajoy de La Moncloa. In addition, he stressed that the PNV “has to decide what it wants to be when it grows up,” whether “an ally” of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias or “an institutional center-right party.”

In an interview with El Correo, which has collected Europa Press, Casado stressed that there are many PNV voters “who are center-right and do not want it to be the gear for Podemos to remain in power.”

“One thing is very clear: voting for the PNV is voting for Pablo Iglesias as vice-president of the Government of Spain. The PNV has to decide what he wants to be when he grows up: an ally of Sánchez e Iglesias or a center-right institutional party,” he emphasized. .

Asked if the collaboration relationship with the PNV that Mariano Rajoy had is recoverable, Casado has indicated that the PNV “betrayed the trust of the PP”. “I thought they were a reliable party,” he said, referring to the motion of censure promoted by Pedro Sánchez that the Basque nationalists supported.


As for whether any result below the 9 seats he achieved in 2016 after joining Cs would be a failure on July 12, Casado said that “the important thing” in this campaign is to make it clear that they are “the only alternative to the PSE-PNV alliance, which is Basque and national. ” “Our alternative defends the Concert and historical rights. We are the containment dam of any intolerant policy,” he added.

After the election of Carlos Iturgaiz as a candidate, separating Alfonso Alonso, he assured that “the whole party is very united” and has claimed the figures of Alonso, Javier Maroto, Javier De Andrés or Ramón Rabanera.

To the question of what is at stake as PP president on July 12, Casado has limited himself to ensuring that “all of Spain” is at stake if they want “the Communist Party to continue to command” or they want to go to “a modern, transversal government and moderate. “

As for whether a setback by Iturgaiz and a victory by Alberto Núñez Feijóo in Galicia would jeopardize the marked course, he indicated that “not at all” and added that they are “all united” in a common objective: “when there are general elections, represent a winning alternative to end a government that has mismanaged the pandemic. ” “The trouble is with other parties,” he added.


Asked later which soul will prevail from now on, whether that of Feijóo or that of the spokesperson for the Popular Group, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, has stressed that it is “the same project”. “I see two souls in the PSOE, with Abel Caballero and Óscar Puente arguing in a federal commission because the government is leaving the municipalities behind, or that of Page and Lambán, who are complaining about the Health distribution fund,” he assured. , to add that Álvarez de Toledo makes opposition because “it is for that”.

According to Casado, the one who is “fragmented” is the PSOE, which “sees with horror that its secretary-general depends on a radical communist party like Podemos, which should explain why the State Attorney General’s Office is acting as defense attorney for a gruesome scandal from the vice president. “

In economic terms, Casado has assured that what the PSOE is proposing is “a ruin” and an “economic suicide”, and he has criticized above all that he pleads for “raising all taxes”. In this scenario, he does not see any option that his party can support General State Budgets (PGE). “We are not your partners and we are not going to be,” he said.


“The PSOE does not even know when they are going to present them (the PGE) and what they are going to contemplate. If they do it again as they did a year ago, present accounts with tax increases of 5 billion and an expansion of spending of 30 billion euros, I don’t think that his partners will support him, “said Casado, when asked if the PP could contribute to the approval of those Budgets.

The PP leader has stressed that his training is “the alternative” and he will be able to “support urgent and necessary policies to get out of the crisis”, as they have done with the royal decrees that the Government has brought to Congress or want to do in the Commission of Reconstruction on the coronavirus “in health and European matters”. He stressed that the PP will reach out to get out of the crisis “but not to ruin Spain” and has insisted that what the PSOE is hearing is “a ruin”.


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