January 27, 2021

I, the divo: about Messi – La Provincia

Messi it goes. He Barcelona and, more importantly, football and the entertaining business that surrounds it, they stay. Others left before Messi. Cruyff and Guardiola left, and the Barça remained; They left Di Stefano, Raúl, Butragueño… and Madrid won six European cups again. Juanito even died and the Chamartín team continued to win, draw and lose against the Catalans; and on the Ramblas you could already see children wearing Rivaldo when Messi was nothing more than a star in the making, brewing in the canteranas culés.

Messi is leaving, yes, but do not let the tear even touch the mask. It is very likely that the best player in the world does not deserve to be at the orders of such a board of directors, so chaotic, so fragileHe, so little empathetic, so end of cycle, so apocalyptic as the time that we are having to live. But beware, if my company were to pay me 50 million euros a year, the last reason that would occur to me when asking for the settlement is my dissatisfaction with the bosses, bless them. 50 kg.

Modern sport, paid to the checkbook, is only truly understood by those who observe it from the vantage point of show business. The reasons for the Argentine, therefore, are only known by the player and the world around him, his environment and sports journalists accustomed to the not so new normal that transferring a player does not cost less than 30 million euros. But to Messi what happens to so many divos, the same does not matter that they have left the miserable streets of Villa Fiorito, from the dusty wastelands of Madeira or from a middle-class family that earns a wage honestly in the Madrid neighborhood of Carabanchel. They end up having an environment where you have to breastfeed, water and make sure they go through this life without giving any more stick to the water than the splash in the grass of the aluminum studs of the business head, which has become the parent company.

Sources of the environment, we read. And therein lies the problem. We mere mortals lack an environment beyond the fight for the remote control and the last olive of the aperitif, and when we leave, that is all. Messi is leaving, and possibly the current board of directors, although football is not over, neither Barcelona nor its fans, who have seen many messis pass before, such as so many guardiolas and so many cruyffs and so many xavis. They will also see the last divo pass. Thank you and the next one happens.


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