November 30, 2020

I strongly deny that the educational reform attacks the concerted

The Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá, denied on Wednesday “flatly” that the educational bill passed yesterday in the Council of Ministers attacks the concerted school, as the PP has complained, which has asked to make its amendments to “enrich” the text.

“This bill in none of the ways attacks the concerted or restricts it,” said Celaá after presiding over the Classrooms for Equality act in her ministry.

He has urged political forces to feel “at once”, to stop “excuses and artificial barriers”, such as affirming such “useless” issues, and to seek a pact.

“The pact on a project is not better than on an empty sheet,” Celaá has argued to comment that the Subcommittee for the Educational Pact, a table from which the PSOE was raised by requiring the PP to increase GDP for education, was year and a half working and had 83 presentations by experts and from it “nothing came out”.

Regarding the intention of the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, to take the Celaá law to the Constitutional Court for, among other things, attacking the concerted one, the minister replied: “I would ask you to be calm, to read the project so that effectively on the project he realized that there is no attack on the concerted or any alternative treatment. “

“The bill guarantees freedom of education, as has always been guaranteed by all educational projects that have emerged from a socialist point of view, which is perfectly guaranteed of that freedom of education as conceived in article 27 of the Constitution,” Celaá has continued.

And he has added in his message to the president of Madrid: “Simply, to get to work in education eliminating the barriers of disqualification and that we are waiting for the amendments that the PP can make to enrich the project.”

In addition, Celaá has postponed the parties to the process of amendments to make their contributions as will the PSOE and has said that at that stage is when the request of United We can see, included in the programmatic agreement, that concerted centers cannot separate students by sex.

The minister wanted to make it clear, however, that the approved project belongs to the “Government as a whole, it belongs to the Government”, and it is committed to coeducation and gender equality, so that centers that do not receive they separate, since the fact that they are educated together is more efficient and contemporary. “


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