"I see Valverde less nervous"

After seven years leading to the lower categories, Pascual Momparler (Villanueva de Castellón, 37 years) has come the time to be a coach of the large and absolute Spain. The same one that today appears in Yorkshire with the dorsal 1 of Alejandro Valverde and the dream of revalidating the rainbow achieved by the Murcian in Innsbruck. The rain and a career, says the technician "very open" make it unpredictable, but with the talent of Valverde, already released from pressure, dreaming is allowed

- What sensations do you have inside the body?

- I think it will be a very complicated World Cup and that we will have to appear a lot throughout the race. You will have to have a lot of patience. It can be a race at times super uncontrolled, it seems that you have taken the measure, but in 20 or 30 kilometers it can go around.

- What is good?

- I want the selection to run well and be orderly. If we win another by force, we will congratulate them. And if it's luckily, at least I hope to go home with the feeling of having done everything possible to win the World Cup.

- Are you afraid that bad weather can condition Valverde?

–He made third in Ponferrada and Florence in the rain. With good clothes there will be no problem.

- What have you seen in the concentration of Alicante?

- A very united group, people who really want to accompany Alejandro and the team to win another World Cup. We have many people who were not there and who wanted to live that experience of concentration. I have seen them excited and wanting to come here to leave their skin for anyone.

–What do you see now that you didn't see last year these days?

–That people want to come to the concentration and have wanted to train and do kilometers. They knew that getting stronger from there can make the race another. It's all positive conclusions that we bring from Alicante.

- Is it the selection I wanted?

- Yes, I like it because it is a team of veterans and young people with a lot of desire, who do not throw in the towel and then with a great leader who is Valverde.

- How do you see Valverde?

–Less nervous than other years. You have already got the rainbow. He comes here calmly and with the confidence of knowing that the work is well done. He knows that it is very difficult to win another. It was the race he always lost and now he has won it. He is very relaxed, he knows it is difficult because few great champions have been able to repeat.

- And how are you, now that it comes to the foreground?

- I have suffered the previous World Cups with Mínguez as if I were Mínguez. We were very close. Last year when we won the World Cup I hugged him crying and he too. We already got it. Now I'm here alone, but we already got it. I don't have the pressure from last year.

- Even if you are now the only visible head?

- Since I decided to take the step I knew that today, if we make a good race, I will be a phenomenon and if not, everyone will tell Cerrón that I should have stayed in sub’23.

- Are you ready for that possible scenario of criticism?

- One is never prepared for that, I hope not to have to pass it.

- Are you going to give continuity to that "one shot, one dead" of Mínguez?

- This year is very difficult because you have to be skilled from the start. The first part can enter the wind, there are many steep slopes, water, falls, punctures ... they will have to be very attentive from the first 80 kilometers.

–Who is plan B?

- We have Cortina, Izagirre, Luisle ... They are all winners. I've seen you all very well. Curtain comes great from running in Canada. The race is going to be so open that I can't think that plan A is one, and B another because they are going to catch us in some resignation. That is why I bring gregarious people with a very strong role like Rojas or Erviti, but the rest are all runners who have won on World Tour and at the same time know how to leave their skin if they must do it for Alejandro.

- Are you going to shake your pulse?

- No, I am nervous because I know that we play a very nice thing, but they are good nerves.

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