I reject an ecotax at this time

I reject an ecotax at this time

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Tourism, employers and the opposition point out that, in addition to the difficult years that the sector has experienced, the future is not clear

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tourism entrepreneurs of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the
parliamentary opposition and even the
Responsible for Tourism of the Government, Yaiza Castillahave come to the step of the claim of the
Counselor for Social Rights, Noemí Santana, to immediately apply a
ecotax in the archipelago and point out that
"it's not the moment".

The leader of
Canin an opinion article published in CANARIAS7 has once again put on the table this
old debate and an old proposal that was already rejected in the
Parliament of the Canary Islands in 2015 after an initiative presented by Nueva Canarias.

Given the possibility of having a new tax for the tourism sector,
Canarian Coalition,
People's Party Y
Ashotel have again expressed their
opposite position, while the Minister of Tourism understands that this matter must be subjected to a rigorous study. Still, she says this is "not the time" to get it going.


Yaiza Castilla (ASG), a new tax must be agreed with the tourism sector and, if it were decided to apply, he says, his position "will always be that the destination of what is collected is
to enhance the image of our destiny and to cushion the negative externalities that it could generate".

In any case, he points out that his position - reiterated in recent years - is that
"I don't think this is a good time for its application." He argues that it is not only because of the hard years that have been lived «and from which
we are still recovering” but because of the uncertainties and threats that the sector continues to face in the short and medium term.

Contrary to what her colleague in the Cabinet affirms, the head of Tourism assures that
"This is not the time to further tax holidays in the Canary Islands, our main economic engine, since although it is asserted that tourists do not stop coming because they are charged a fee, it is not unreasonable to think that by having a lower budget,
your spending is contained destination", which would affect small businesses, restaurants, etc.

In addition, consider that
there may be a reduction in overnight stays. In his opinion, "things must be analyzed well and their scope assessed from a broad perspective."

Rejection of the opposition

From the opposition
Canarian Coalition and Partido Popular have always agreed to reject the measure. Following Noemí Santana's proposal, the nationalist leader
Jose Miguel Barragan claim the
Government of the Canary Islands «let him say if he has changed his position» because, although it is true that this matter was in the agreements of the Pact of the Flowers, it was postponed, he explains.

Rejection of the ecotax

Jose Miguel Barragan (CC)

“The Government must say if it has changed its position”

«The Government must clarify if it has changed its position on the ecotax, since, although it was included in the pact, it decided to postpone it. We believe that this is not the right time."

Fernando Enseñat (PP)

“It is an electoral occurrence and nonsense on the left”

«An eco-tax and penalize and make tourism more expensive at the worst time, because the recovery is not consolidated. It is an electoral occurrence and nonsense on the left»

Juan Pablo Gonzalez (Ashotel)

«We came out of delicate years and there are clouds in the future»

“We are coming out of a delicate moment and there are clouds on the horizon. It is out of context to tax the sector because it makes a lot of money. We already pay a lot of taxes.”

Likewise, it maintains that the Canary Islands may be affected by the
European Union strategy and the
kerosene and aviation taxes, because although it was exempted with the approval of the European Parliament, it still has to be approved by the Council and the European Commission. In Barragán's opinion, "before what is to come, it is not for new tax figures."

Neither does the deputy of the
Popular Party Fernando Enseñat considers that this tax should be applied because it would be
penalize and make tourism more expensive at a time when the recovery has not been consolidated and winter comes with many uncertainties. The popular parliamentarian recommends Noemí Santana
"let it stop occurrences" and "manage your areas better."

"Taxing voracity"

For his part, the manager of the
Hotel and Non-Hotel Association of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Ashotel), Juan Pablo Gonzálezis surprised by the manifestations of the counselor Santana since
"Tourism already contributes 2,400 million a year to public coffers".

He criticizes that the balance between what the sector contributes and what is invested from the public "is always in favor of public administrations." Likewise, and taking into account the extraordinary funds that administrations are receiving from Europe
"This tax voracity is even more incomprehensible of wanting more and more resources without even knowing how they are going to be spent.

Add that
“We are coming out of a delicate situation and we have clouds on the horizon due to energy surcharges or the effects of the war in Ukraine and inflation", for which he considers "it is out of context to tax the sector by ensuring that it is earning a lot of money". González adds in this regard that
“If they earn a lot of money, they already pay a lot of taxes”.

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