July 26, 2021

"I promised my son that I would not go back to his father" | Society

"I promised my son that I would not go back to his father" | Society

A woman, a man and a girl of six years, the daughter of both. A family that gets confused with other families in this cafeteria in a rich municipality near Madrid. But one member is missing. S., 11, the first child of María Sevilla, is gone. Eight days ago, the police threw the door of a house 135 kilometers away from this place. He took the mother in his pajamas to the courthouse and returned the child to the father, María Sevilla's former partner.

Maria, 35, cries when she looks at the photo of S., crowned with curls. Rafael Marcos, his ex-partner has posted it on Facebook. It has been difficult to recognize her. Wear orange hair This week on the news was seen talking in a file of images before a commission of the Congress as president of Childhood Free, an association to help sexually abused children. It was 2017 and she wore blond, wavy hair. Under those images, a sign: "Detained in Cuenca for kidnapping her son."

Cries and blows of mace broke the night in the inhospitable landscape of oaks, pines and rosemary of Casalonga, an urbanization of a thousand plots and 80 neighbors registered next to the town of Villar de Fuentes, in Cuenca. Or so she remembers. The police say they found the children in "unfortunate conditions" inside the old rented house with five rooms and barred windows, surrounded by 6,000 square meters covered by an asphalt fabric where everything – the swings, a small basketball court and no baskets and a ruinous barbecue – seems to have lived better times.

The house where the family was hiding, in a half-empty urbanization in Cuenca.
The house where the family was hiding, in a half-empty urbanization in Cuenca.

The police assure that the girl, without speaking, approached to smell the agents. This breeding with the same green eyes, very clear, of the father. And he knows, although he prefers to show off his brilli-brilli sneakers. "They have punctured me, will I show you the plaster?" Offers A., six years eared with two pink ribbons in the cocorota. José Cantos, thin as a daughter, smoothes his brand shirt and takes her hand. The mother tends the pediatric report, dated three days after the arrest: "Advanced language for her age. Well hydrated. Well nourished. Well cleaned. "

On March 30, at two o'clock in the morning, the 13-month flight of María, José, A. and S. ended., whose final destination contemplated a routine without school or health center or barely leave, as the police say. "They did go out, they worked in the garden and the doctor saw them," says the mother. The maternal grandmother is a nurse and in her environment, she says, there are doctors. "And I kept using the program that was given to S. when he could not go to school because of his allergies in Granada. We had a room just to teach. " There the police, along with the children, the mother and her dog, found a wax-up with a quote from Genesis: 22. 18. Both Joseph and Mary are evangelists. The boy talked about the devil and took the Bible, says the police. "Yes, but he also took many things inside the suitcase, like his Lego car and after changing in front of the 16 policemen."

Now, the Office of the Public Prosecutor and the Junta de Castilla-La Mancha investigate whether there was risk or lack of protection of the children. In December of 2017, the father, who has declined to speak with this newspaper, was granted custody of S. after a long litigation in which two charges were dismissed for sexual abuse of the parent. The first one is from 2013. "The boy masturbated a lot. He told my mother to put his finger in my ass, like Dad did, but he did not tell me, "María explains. After the child was seen at a meeting point with the father. "S. He is very submissive, he was medicated and I told him I would be there waiting for him, "says the mother. When the father was authorized to stay with the child alternate weekends, in November 2016, the mother failed to comply with the regime. In March of 2017 she moved to Granada after signing Infancia Libre an agreement with Podemos to develop a protocol on sexual abuse in childhood. In the Andalusian capital, the pediatrician and the psychiatrist who treated S. presented a new complaint for abuse. Shortly before, a report from the Majadahonda Mental Health Center attests to the child's headaches and gut, as well as self-punishments, considered "depressive equivalents". When losing custody, Maria disappeared. "I promised my son that he would not go back to his father. I promised it. "

"I never saw them. Neither registered nor enrolled children. " Carmen Barco speaks, municipal secretary of Villar de Cañas, and you hear echo. Nobody lives in the low houses of the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, which no longer has 390 inhabitants registered, because an old man died on Sunday. He did see the butcher, especially him, who bought the fish that arrived every Thursday. And also the pharmacist, who on a Saturday in January saw a kind, well-groomed woman come in to buy a cream and told her that she lived in Casalonga. The children were outside with the father. "I even invited her to the bonfires." Then, says Maria, someone saw them and alerted the police. They were already on TV.

"They put Bin Laden in Casalonga and nobody finds out", jumps the mayor, José Saiz, a big man in a work suit who has just left his workshop of agricultural tools. He points out in an aerial photograph the network of roads – 56 kilometers – of Montelongo: "570 houses," the secretary says. There the four hid themselves when the siege narrowed. "But we have lived on the beach, in cities, interacting with everyone," says María. Without using a credit card or phones. The police located them earlier in a town in the Levante, on the coast of Almeria, the Basque Country … "And in more places we have been," she says.

After facing unsurfaced roads flanked by endless empty lots, summer villas and what were houses of tools, in the street of the Alamo, 50 is the parched land, two bicycles, junk, an empty pool and the terrace hidden by a black cloth .

"It's the devil, the child told us"

Patricia Ortega Dolz

Four months ago, a stubborn affair arrived at the Unit of the Police in the courts of Plaza de Castilla in Madrid. María Sevilla had fled with her son and the trail had been lost. "He did not use a telephone or cards, there was no electronic means to locate him," the sources said. They could only follow a car, that of their current partner, José, whom he had known as a pastor in the evangelical church to which she went. No sign. "Everything was paid in cash." The vehicle was seen for almost a year and a half in Granada, Jaén, a town on the Levante coast, another on the coast of Almería, in the Basque Country and in Cuenca. They located the car at a gas station and waited for him to return. Did. The follow-up took them to the house in Villar de Cañas. "But we still did not see the children or the woman." Camouflaged for days, they managed to see a night like "they left, in their pajamas, at sunset, the children and the woman to take air in the vicinity of an old house, always looking for isolated places, without neighbors," they say. They believe that he was in charge of the logistics to keep them hidden and that the money came from renting her property and a loan they would have asked the mother and withdrawn in cash.

"When we entered the house, rickety, they hid in a room and threw us a dog of prey," they remember. "She would not let the child answer our questions, speak for him and wanted him to take a bible," they say. "The children were not in bad condition but they did seem to have problems of socialization, the boy immediately told us that he wanted to be a pastor and that his father was the devil".


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