Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

"I prefer to lose polls and win elections"

Rufián, tras el CEO: “Prefiero perder encuestas y ganar elecciones”

The deputy and number two of the ERC list to Congress, Gabriel Rufián, has reiterated this Saturday in Girona that he prefers "to lose a poll and win an election", after it has been known that his formation would win these elections in Catalonia, according to the Center for Opinion Studies (CEO).

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Rufián, who has attended a pre-campaign event in the Girona capital, has opted in any case to avoid pronouncing on these data and has cited the Republican candidate Oriol Junqueras, who faces trial in Madrid for the independence process, to underline that his party does not comment on polls.

Anyway, the deputy has claimed the work done these years by ERC in Congress, which he has defined as "real opposition", able to confront "people very harmful to democracy." Gabriel Rufián has remembered episodes like when he asked former President José María Aznar if he had anything to say to the parents of the cameraman José Couso, who died in Iraq in 2003.

For Rufián, the question is not why his party made this type of accusations, "but why nobody else did it", and he has stressed that his party has tried to defend "the civil, national and social rights of the people of Catalonia". The Republican politician has reiterated as he did this week that "the first day of the legislature" will demand the reopening of "the investigation commission of the sewers of the State, closed in false by PP, PSOE and Cs".

He also asked Spanish President Pedro Sanchez and Minister Meritxell Batet if they would "veto" that commission and "to (former commissioner José Manuel) Villarejo, as they did with PP and Cs." Rufián has recalled the resignation as general director of National Information of Moncloa of Alberto Pozas "for being involved in the sewers of the State or to give the SIM card of Pablo Iglesias or of the mobile that robbed the adviser of Pablo Iglesias to Villarejo".

"On this side it is explained why PSOE or PSC vetoed Villarejo in the commission", added the Republican, who, about the denials by the Government of the existence of sewers of the State at present, has underlined: "If it seems a duck, quacks like a duck and nothing like a duck, just like a duck. "

Rufián has insisted that they know them "so perfectly" that they have their president, Oriol Junqueras, "in prison", although he has shared "the suffering of what formations, mainly Pablo Iglesias and Podemos". Finally, he has referred to the debate on euthanasia after it has been known the assisted suicide of a terminal patient with the help of her husband, later arrested, and has claimed that "Spanish legislation is adapted to the most advanced European" .

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