«I prefer that my dogs eat women's meat so they can breathe in my oxygen»

«I prefer that my dogs eat women's meat so they can breathe in my oxygen»

The explicit statement of Juan Carlos "N" – as the 'monster of Ecatepec' has been identified by the authorities – before the General Prosecutor's Office of the State of Mexico has made the hairs of rush to millions of people who have seen the filtered video to the media.

In it, the detainee mentions that he has murdered about 20 women, although the Prosecutor's Office arrested him for his alleged participation in at least 10.

Juan Carlos "N" and his wife, Patricia, were arrested on October 4 when they were carrying in a baby cart the human remains of one of their last victims. After his arrest, the Mexican Prosecutor's Office confirmed that the detainees had sold a 2-month-old baby, daughter of one of the victims, to a couple.

In the video, the alleged feminicide, talks about the reasons why he had committed the crimes. "I prefer that my puppies eat meat from these women so that they continue to breathe my oxygen", he comes to affirm.

The truth is that when the victims entered the house of horrors he cut them with a punch and raped them. Then he butchered their bodies to throw the pieces to their dogs.

When asked if he has any mission in life, the man replies that he believes he will not leave this, but warns that if he leaves "I will continue to kill women" because of "the hatred I have for them".

The 'monster of Ecatepec' denies needing psychological attention. "I am completely healthy and well, what I am doing is cleaning the world of crap" Y he links his criminal beginning to a break with a couple, a woman who left him. "I said if I was not happy, nobody is going to be"

The wife of the defendant explained, likewise, that her husband he managed to attract women to the house under the job offer of cleaners, but "I pulled them to rape them. Despite having me there, he wanted to have sex with women from outside, "he explained to the researchers.

The Office of the Prosecutor has described Juan Carlos as a sociopath with features of sadism, while his wife has an easy to manipulate personality, although both can differentiate good from evil.

The case of the "Moncada de Ecatepec" has put all the attention in the State of Mexico, where high numbers of homicides and disappearances highlight the need to fully address the brutal wave of violence against women in the region.

The impact of the declaration has warned civil organizations and activists, who have warned that research can not be limited to mere confession, and that the magnitude of the problem of feminicide in the state goes far beyond the performance of a person .

The culprits of these murders "are not crazy or isolated individuals, but are criminal networks that are operating and putting women at risk," the coordinator of the National Observatory of Feminicide (OCNF), María de la Luz Estrada, told Efe. .

To substantiate this, Estrada recalls that Juan Carlos "N" and his wife, Patricia – detained with her husband – are accused of selling a baby (daughter of one of their victims) to another couple, which shows that there are more children. what to throw

According to data from the OCNF, 1,420 murders of women between 2014 and 2017 have been documented in the State of Mexico.

The figures thrown by federal and state institutions are difficult to read because not all murders of sexist violence end up being investigated as femicides. In the aforementioned period of time only 243 of those homicides were classified under that figure.

Last week, a woman who had been last seen when she was arrested for scandal on the public highway was found dead. Although his body had several blows, the authorities alleged that he had committed suicide.

Estrada indicates that there are "many cases" like this in the State of Mexico that end up being classified, without deepening in them, as suicide.

This violates the guidelines established by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) in a landmark sentence published in 2015 on the murder of Mariana Lima.

The case was closed when the victim's husband declared that he had committed suicide, but the SCJN ordered the case to be reopened. In addition, it established that authorities should always investigate ex officio if the crime was committed because of discrimination against women.

"The arrest of a person, if it is not accompanied by other things, does not generate a profound change," says journalist Lydiette Carrión, who for years has investigated femicides in the State of Mexico.


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