“I prefer an open company with eight workers than a closed one with ten”




The president of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE), Antonio Garamendi, recalled this Wednesday the need to cancel the job maintenance clause associated with the temporary employment regulation files (ERTE) and, therefore, allow companies to cut their workforce. In this sense, Garamendi assured that he prefers “an open company with eight workers than a closed one with ten.” During his speech at the 1st CEOE Tourism Forum, Garamendi pointed out that “this is the only way” to maintain employment, and defended that it is an approach that the State “is going to find cheaper.”

The president of the employer’s association also reiterated that they will return to negotiate the extension of the ERTE – in force until May 31 -, since from the first moment they defended “that they had to be there until December” and added that ” no sector ”.

Garamendi also criticized the labor counter-reform and considered that the proposal by the Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, is a “denier” with the conditionality imposed by the European Union to receive European funds. The employer’s leader pointed out that the reform of the labor legislation will only worsen the economic situation, and dismissed the latest government actions as “surprising.” «Here there are deniers of everything, also from the point of view of conditionality. Europe presents us with a series of structural changes that, in many cases, are very different from what a part of the Government proposes, such as the labor reform, “said Garamendi. “Raining as it rains, it is surprising what we are experiencing from the political level,” he continued.

On the other hand, Garamendi guaranteed to the businessmen and representatives of the sector that the employer’s association “will defend to the utmost” tourism. “We want to vindicate the role of tourism because we have still allowed ourselves to hear a member of the Government say that tourism is out of fashion and that we have to work on other things,” said the president of the employer, alluding to the words of the Minister of Consumption , Alberto Garzón.

Regarding the direct aid approved by the Government to reactivate the productive fabric, Garamendi showed its dissatisfaction with the fact that companies cannot receive more than 200,000 euros, since, according to the CEOE president, there are cases in which the losses exceed that amount and, therefore, “are not worth”.

Garamendi also insisted that the extension of the Temporary Employment Regulation Files (ERTE) “should be on the street” and predicted that in the next few days the “uneasiness” will return as a consequence of the proximity to the end of its validity, dated in the May 31, and the difficulties that existed in the last negotiation.

Finally, Garamendi pointed to vaccines as the solution to alleviate the economic and social situation, and rejected the disparity between the different autonomous communities when approving measures to combat the pandemic. “We are seeing how autonomous communities of the same political sign work in a different way closures and the results of the pandemic are very similar. People are not getting infected in hotels and restaurants, ”said Garamendi, who pointed out that the sources of contagion are located in homes and social relationships.

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