October 29, 2020

“I never thought that Barcelona was going to decide for me, I don’t have titles …”

The first words of Quique Setién as Barça coach were that he will try to win as many titles as possible “playing well, because it is the best way to do it”

About Valverde

“I know Valverde, he is a great person and I have talked to him. I value everything he has done. I will try to communicate with him and have contact. There are many things in his work that are good and he leaves me a team that is the first in LaLiga. In our situation, you always assume that you will receive the offer of a team in difficulty, which is below. ”

What have you felt having Messi at your service.

“I have told some, not just Messi. It doesn’t hurt to say that I have enjoyed these last years with these players and with this team. They have made me enjoy football. It has been every day, every game, not a good one every time. Today I get to train the best in the world and the companions he has, I am still not aware of what it means. But the reality is that one thing is admiration, but each one has to be in place. Surely it will be an extraordinary relationship with everyone. You will see that I am a sincere person who does not walk me through the branches and when I see something that needs to be fixed I will say it, because talent has it ”

Bartomeu on the exit of Valverde

“Last year there were a lot of requests for Valverde not to follow and I have always trusted him, I like him as a coach and as a person, because he is a club man. In recent weeks there was a dynamic that was not right, we all talked about it and to find solutions we decided a few days ago that it was best to give a boost to the team and the players with a change, which we hope will take us to the top in this Second part of the season. The dynamics was not good. I liked Valverde’s work. He has made a letter as he is: great person and great values. I have sucked this team a lot on television and we will try to do things that last in time, not win today and now. The club has the best in the world and should be a huge stimulus. We had been working at this time. but until the last days the names have not come out. Too bad, I would have liked it to be otherwise. We had been talking with more trainers for some time. The work of the club has been with discretion and professionalism, until the name of Setién has emerged ”.

What does Barcelona need to improve?

“Every time a new coach arrives there is a stimulus in people in the locker room, although that can then be diluted, and we must try to keep it. Then, each coach is different, we all have our nuances. I don’t know if my way is the worst or the best, but it’s mine. I will try to convey what I like and what can be done best. Now we have the energy to convince of our nuances, of details that are important … There are so many things that vary from one coach to another. ”

Bartomeu, about whether he talked to someone on the staff

“I have been in the locker room, I have seen Valverde, we have given each other a big hug and we have talked with the players. They are professionals, they leave the value of Quique and we are delighted. Quique was unanimously accepted at the meeting. ”

Game style: do you have the template you want? Quarry?

“Obviously one can have an idea of ​​the club, but until you are inside and live with them you do not know how far you can go. Everything is new, it has been fast, yesterday I was in the town walking with the cows and today I am here in the Sports City of Barcelona. I’ve seen these players train for the first time. There is much to talk and nuance through the game. Last night I was there until many in the morning talking about the players, but what I am going to value most is the perception that I have with what I see. We are clear about the philosophy, but we put it in quotes until we see it. From the quarry, this club has an extraordinary quarry, I do not know them in depth, but they will come to train. The talent from below if it makes its way is because they deserve it. I am very open to this and it is also to send a message to the kids and also to those of the first team so they do not relax. If the kids progress, they can really be one more. ”

Abidal and the search for coach

“The board of directors needs answers to the questions. Each coach has a plan, but at the moment of making the decision we have to think about the club and the situation. Quique is here because we like his DNA and his philosophy. We trust his stafff Today, on the first day I have seen many changes, I respect all the coaches we have talked to, and Quique is the perfect one.

Front sign and scheme

“We have a lot to talk about, it has not given us time. We have enough time, I am sure that we will always have consensus on the decisions that are made. I am a club person. I worry but because there is an injured player, but we have to think in which we have. The drawing? The important thing is the philosophy, knowing what we play, we will surely make some modification of 4-3-3 or 4-4-2, but I put it in quotes. .

Public have fun again

“I have only guaranteed one thing on my equipment, and it is going to play well. And it happened in Las Palmas, Betis and Lugo, what happens is to say this here that they have been playing well for so long … We have that clear. It hasn’t taken me five minutes to accept this option. I never thought that Barcelona was going to decide for me, I don’t have titles, but I have to love this philosophy. I’ve only done that Betis, Las Palmas and Lugo have played well, I don’t know if that was enough ”


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