May 11, 2021

“I make music to entertain, not to change the world”

The number one requirement of a song that competes in Eurovision is to be remembered. And the chorus of “Universe,” by Blas Cantó, is, of course, catchy. Another thing is that our luck on May 16 in Rotterdam (Holland), is …

-I don’t want to start this interview badly, but you know you won’t win, right?

-That’s because you say so. It is not known, in Eurovision. The truth is that I do not go with expectation neither good nor bad and that makes me more calm and sure of what I want to do on stage. It’s about having a good performance, remembering it in your country for a few years and I don’t need more.

-Sorry again, but you know that in this country we remember a lot of those who shit it.

– (Laughs) What a pressure … man, those tempers …

-Well, Eurovision is very subject to fatalism.

-There are football teams that are in Second, go up to First and look, if you are with a team, you support it until the end. You have to go with Spain. And little by little. We have the responsibility to change the mentality and put ourselves at the level of other countries, not settle for going behind. At least we are the same. The rest depends on what people like. Who would say that Salvador Sobral would win? Then people tell you that your song is not for Eurovision or that it is not “festivalera”, which are expressions that make my hair stand on end

-In this case, how do you see the song, good for the festival?

-Well, the truth is that I don’t or know and I don’t intend it to be. I only care that it is a song that I can defend in 15 or 20 years and that people listen to it on the radio and have it in their heads because they like the message. It is made from the heart. When I wrote it, I thought about the things I have left to say, the things I have not said.

-Which is the message?

-Well, “may the universe forgive me for turning off my voice to avoid being the culprit, but there I go and I will change everything in my power to move forward.” That is my message and there will be people who can write their own story within the song.

-Let’s see if I understand, does the topic talk about overcoming?

-Talk about the hope of a new day, because the past cannot be changed, but you have to look up and move on. This moment of my life I feel stronger and also that it is a new beginning and I did not want to repeat the formula of my last successes. It would have been mediocre to do the same.

-But as much forgiveness as you ask the universe, why is it, for the songs of the past?

– (Laughs) Nooooo … Sometimes you meet certain patterns in society because of prejudices and you are not faithful to what you feel and what you want to say. That weighs so much that I wanted to tell the Universe. It is deeper than it seems. It was a relief.

– Talk about your privacy.

-Reminds you that life goes away in a second.

-Do you mind prejudices about you and your songs?

-I write but I also sing the songs of another and that does not make me worse artist. Michael Bublé does too, just like Celine Dion. It is not necessary to be a scholar of literature to be worth it. You have to remove the stigmata about whether you write or not, but hey, I do it for those who want to catch me. I think the maelstrom of fast consumption makes everything very difficult.

– Illusion is going full.

-I have my moments, I fall apart.


-Because I wish everything was perfect. You sink because you are not well in your voice or out of fatigue. But I believe that the process is hopeful, because people transmit to me a very positive aura.

-You will know that the Eurofans are very severe judges.

-I’ll tell you that I think these people just want the best for Spain at the festival. It’s like when a father tells you that you have to get married and have children. But it turns out that you don’t like women, but men. And they tell you they want the best for you but they hurt you. There are many children going through that. And at the festival they also condition your participation in the festival.

– Do you read the comments?

-Yes, and outsiders are better than their own and in a very high proportion. In addition, when they make a negative comment they go very well. And if you’re not strong, you can sink.

-Comments a bit destructive.

-But I don’t want them to say they like it if it isn’t. But don’t prejudge what is best for Eurovision. That they value if they like the song or not.

-The Spanish character is a bit bipolar.

-And we don’t know how to lose. But I am very happy and the rest are anecdotes.

– Do you like the model of a musical contest?

-I’m not John Lennon, I don’t make music to change the world, but to entertain. And I hope people like it or forget it, but I think there is a commitment that is to try to make everyone feel protected. It is hard for someone who has preferences that are not respected. Sometimes you don’t have to presuppose or condition someone’s tastes. And there are those who protest because they say we all have very thin skin, but it is necessary to measure what is said, because the words hurt.

-What do you mean?

-In the vocabulary there are things that instill fear in people. And I worry that there are those who cannot be raised in freedom. I played with little dolls, I grew up in a free way and I hope that everyone can too.

– He had problems of misunderstanding or rejection?

-Nothing, my mother separated when I was very young and I grew up in absolute freedom with a single mother. She instilled respect for me and I will always appreciate that.

-Do you think you have to take a position?

-I have always been ambiguous in my answers because it is a way of being free. I think otherwise you enter the game. The less you speak you are more free. No one has to know who I vote for or who I get in bed with.


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