July 24, 2021

"I love having the ball from minute 1 to 90, and they too" | sports

"I love having the ball from minute 1 to 90, and they too" | sports

The reaction against the possession game makes fortune in more and more forums, especially within some sectors in Spain. This tide is opposed by Luis Enrique's determination, determined to find formulas to take the initiative, according to the style that has identified The Red since 2007. Even without Busquets, replaced in Cardiff by Rodri, precisely the midfielder of Simeone's counter-attacking Atlético. A midfielder who, against Wales, perfectly fit the new pattern. Because Spain had the ball during 70% of the game time. It was an exhibition of attack and defense in the opposite field, facilitated this time by the technical limitations of footballers who suffered -Ethan Ampadu the first- to control the ball and pass it to a teammate, all harassed by some Spaniards who acted more ordered than furious. Without speculating ever. Neither 0-1 nor 0-3.

"Our goal is to play equal from minute one to 95," said Luis Enrique, at the conference, after the friendly. "If there is a rival who poses the same game and can take the ball, we will suffer. If not, the fact of not giving away possessions or plays indicates what we are preparing. The players have easily assimilated it. They are comfortable with the ball. "

The coach was machacón: "We must try to have more the ball than the opponent, always try to generate dangerous situations like our players and I love it. I hope we keep trying regardless of the result. Because if we find a rival who is better than us, and who surpasses us, we will have to accept it. Until that is demonstrated we will have to continue playing in the same way. In the second part, with 0-3 we went out to play in the same way trying not to grant anything ".

Eight goals in a row

Luis Enrique highlighted the behavior of Spain when he did not have the ball because he prevented Wales from giving two consecutive passes in almost all the attack maneuvers he did. In this aspect the teams that try to always take the initiative of those who do not are different. Leading the operations was an unprecedented trio: Albiol, Ramos and Rodri. "I liked to see reflected the defensive work we have trained," said the coach, "especially the positioning of the entire defensive line, especially in the middle fold, and all situations of high defensive pressure have been very good. Risking and preventing the opponent could connect. We have only suffered one or two counterattacks from Wales, which considering that we play in their field is practically nothing. And offensively, the opponent has changed the system from five to four defenses and we have taken advantage of all the spaces very well, with a smooth flow, a lot of people inside and out. "

Luis Enrique deployed a line of three completely new attackers. Suso, Morata and Alcacer had never met in the national team. It was little noticed. "We are very good players and we have adapted because we have not done anything that we are not used to doing in our clubs," explained Suso, who participated in two of the goals.

Spain has 12 goals in three games since the World Cup. Paco Alcácer, who doubled in Cardiff, added his eighth goal in the last four matches he has played, with Dortmund and Spain. "Confidence is basic for any player in any position but especially for the strikers," said Luis Enrique, about the boy who spent the last two years sitting on the bench of Barcelona.

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