Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

"I live very happy, but I miss being a deputy in Congress"

"I am a Spaniard without a party, but I do miss this house. I live very happy, but I miss this house, because I have not done anything bigger than defending the Spaniards." UPyD spokeswoman Rosa Díez on Thursday received a loud applause from the members of the Popular Party when, in an act in Congress, she made clear with those words her longing to be a deputy in Parliament. "This house misses you a lot," the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, replied minutes later.

Díez, who in 2000 aspired to the General Secretariat of the PSOE and that at the end of the 1990s was a counselor of the Basque Government as a socialist leader in a coalition Executive with the PNV, has reappeared this Thursday in an act for the unity of Spain by the popular. "Who was going to tell me that the next time I was going to speak in the common house I was going to do it thanks to the political group whose government I was named scourge. Perhaps this fact describes the exceptional moment. It is a right-wing party which invites this social democrat to reflect together on what is happening in Spain and defense of the common, "he said.

Before his intervention, Díez had received all kinds of praise from the organizer of the act, the spokeswoman for the PP in Congress, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, personal friend of the former socialist leader. "He shone in this house, he came with me to the campaign, he is a free, critical, independent spirit and a brave woman, of the brave women I have met," Álvarez de Toledo said in the days entitled "Spanish in Defense of the Common ".

In the opinion of the PP spokeswoman, Díez "is one of those impressive policies that Spain has." "A country cannot afford to do without a woman like her in active politics," he concluded.

During her speech, the founder of UPyD has considered that "what is happening in Spain today is not the result of a cataclysm overnight." In his opinion, "for years we neglected and Spain was left without Spaniards who speak on behalf of Spain." "We have succumbed to the false dilemmas of nationalists and have neglected nation defense of free and equal citizens," he acknowledged.

For Díez, "the unity of the nation is the only one that guarantees the equality of all Spaniards", but the "drama", in his opinion, "is that these 40 years the parties have not thought about the nation, a project capable of joining all Spaniards. In those places where nationalists have not arrived, socialists and populists have arrived, "he denounced. We are to defend unitary nation.

"Why do we wrinkle if they call us facades to defend Spain?" He asked. "The opportunist left bought the nationalist discourse and the right did not dare to confront it. We are here to defend the common and for that we must defend the unity of the nation. Let's talk like Spaniards," he stressed.

"I am here to raise my voice in defense of the common. Let us defend the unity of the nation, what unites us. In the end we will win, we cannot afford to not win, democracy has to win, we owe it to our elders, our children. Be patient, don't give up, don't resign yourself, proudly defend democratic Spain, "he concluded. The PP, a deputy of Citizens who attended the event and even the former Vox leader Alejo Vidal Quadras again applaud him strongly

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